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Thread: BioFlex Suit for Quads and Paras

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    Originally posted by Amanda:

    I spoke with Philip from Bio-Flex. very nice guy. He informed me about a vest that I am interested in. I have struggled with various braces and seat backs trying to improve my posture and comfort, but not compromising my movement and ease of loading my chair in my car. has anybody had any experience with the bio flex vest? he said you could wear it through the day, under your clothes. it has cycles of activation. I'm just thinking this would be GREAT for my longer school days and/ other pro-longed days.
    This is exactly what I most want from a Bioflex garment. I want to look good with nice sitting posture and no more low back pain from slouching. That alone would probably help my belly recede a little. And make me so much more comfortable. When I trigger back spasms it sits me up and gives me two seconds of sheerly delightful comfort. I want that full-time!

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    Unhappy Bioflex: not so great

    Unfortunately, Bioflex (aka Axio Bionics) products are seldom covered by insurance, unless you happen to have no-fault auto insurance. I know a number of people who have had unpleasant experiences with the CEO. Although he seems nice and affable, he is less than honest, undependable and worse. Be very careful.

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