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Thread: BioFlex Suit for Quads and Paras

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    BioFlex Suit for Quads and Paras

    Last year an article was posted about Licia Roberto, a gal in South Africa who got the BioFlex [electrical stimulation body suit] system. In chat, AO mentioned that he tracked the girl down and that the system worked well for her. Curious, I placed a call to the BioFlex inventor Phillip Muccio and spoke to him for a while about the costs of the suit.

    For clarification, this is purely informational; no endorsement intended.

    Anyway, a full body suit [custom made] for quads costs $15,000 US. The suit is made up of garments for the arms/shoulders/back, abs, and lower body filled with electrodes. Phillip said that he will come to you, figure out where the electrodes need to be and measure you, then make the required garments and come back out a second time to teach you how to use the suit.

    A suit for paras [lower body and abs, possibly back] costs $10,000.

    There are cheaper parts like a non-customized ab unit for $375 and other garments can be made for a few thousand.

    Voc Rehab has paid the full cost for suits in Florida, Illionois, Missouri and Ohio. If you're interested in the suit, you can contact him at 1-800-552-3539 or

    Again, this is not an endorsement, just something I'm looking into and wanted to share with others. With the upcoming therapies, we're going to need to get back in shape and this may be a good, convenient way to do it.

    Has anyone on here used this before?


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    This looks great. The website focus in on Pain Management. I'm printing a copy of the brochure for my bf's doctor visit this afternoon. We are having a hell of a time with pain. Bf is taking large qty of morphine and still miserable. I personally feel like enough morphine = pain is releived but, docs don't get it. My bf is still alert and able to function but, the docs are still skittish about increasing the meds. Maybe this bioflex can give some very much needed relief. I know you were looking at this from an exercise standpoint but, thanks for posting this.

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    Wow - I'd like a garment that improves my posture. I think I'll give it a try.

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    Maybe I can convince Licia to post her experiences with the bioflex system here on CC. Everything she told me was very positive but I don't want to report second hand info in case I get any of it wrong.

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    AO, that would be great!

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    We have a great relationship with Philip. He has come down to meet each Sci-Step participant and works with them to help figure out what type of garmet may assist with training and/or at home.

    Although nobody has purchased the full suit, we do have the shorts, lower leg sleeves, and an ab belt that we use daily.

    I would suggest that everyone interested contact him. He is great to work with and really cares about helping improve posture and limb function.

    Good luck!

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    Michele, et al. w/ experience or understanding of the BioFlex system - how do these garments compare beneficially to FES & the other e-stim therapies?

    ~ scott

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    Originally posted by jmublueduck:

    Michele, et al. w/ experience or understanding of the BioFlex system - how do these garments compare beneficially to FES & the other e-stim therapies?
    bump... any ideas here?

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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    Scott, the BioFlex suit is basically an FES suit, so I'd assume that it would be pretty comparable. Philip was telling me that one of the advantages of the suit is that the electrodes will always be in the same place since they're sewn into the garment, so the potential for human error [in placement] is greatly reduced.


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