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Thread: Equipment for non-profit gym

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    Equipment for non-profit gym

    In my town there is a non-profit gym staffed by volunteer therapists. We need wheelchair accessible workout machines. We have handbikes which you strap your feet to, exercise mats, standing frames and...that's about it. What would you suggest we get? We would like a machine where 4 or so sci's could work out at one time. Price is a major issue. Any ideas for machines or sources? Thanks.

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    Absolutle number one on the list has got to be an Uppertone. Although it is designed for one person use, it is highly adapt for Tetras. There are many excercise options, and even c4/5 tetras can get a work out. I have one. It cranks. I know ChrisD will agree. He´s got one too.

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    Magnum has a well designed multi-station gym. I'm C-5 and can use it with minimal assistance. Can't help you with resources, but this should definitely be on your "wish list." Good luck with this very worthwhile endeavor.

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    Put in for a care grant from the CRPF. You have nothing to lose.

    Might be worth a shot checking this out as well.

    Rick that Magnum looks like a great machine as well.

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    MikeC's right. Uppertone.

    It can handle three (3) people at once all from their wc's.

    Check out (about $1500 all in including delivery)

    The Magnum is also excellent although my experience with it is very limited.

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    You may also want to look into the Bowflex Versatrainer. The website is

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