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Thread: to much?

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    to much?

    i ride fes bike 7 nits a week i have noticed my quads getting huge especially my left leg plus i stand about an hr a day could i be over doing it


    last nite in bed getting moved around to get on tummy i was getting ready to move heard a pop i think it was friom a leg but no heat or swelling in either
    or brusing. another indications other than an x ray

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    Hi Vicky, I think what your doing is great. Even if there is no return on the way, what you're doing is good for you in many ways. You probably already know this and are just wondering if it's worth it. I would guess that if you stopped you would have to deal with more difficult things.

    I also wonder about something. I either move on an elliptical trainer or ride an upright staionary bike everyday. It's been 4 years on the trainer and three years on the bike. Every time I do these things I feel something new! And I'm feeling MORE new everyday. This motivates and encourages me to continue. I certainly have not reached a point where things don't change everyday. Has anyone else been going though such a thing?


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