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Thread: How did you pay for your FES bike?

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    Senior Member mattblan's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    N. California

    How did you pay for your FES bike?

    Hey, how do you pay for your FES?

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    This is a really good question. Once a precedent is set, it makes it easier for the next person that comes along requesting an FES bike from their insurance...One thing I have noticed, is that more and more people are getting their insurance to approve/pay for an FES bike...I have seen a few posts from people on this forum saying that their insurance paid for their bikes...of course we aren't all under the same insurance, but this is something that is worth a try.

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    I agree redneck. When I bought my fes bike, even with the clinical study info and all the other info given to them from my PT, my insurance didnt see it as a medical necessity. That was 2.5 years ago, but now with more support and the fact that ParaStep was approved by medicare, I hope insurance companies will start paying for the equipment.

    If you're interested in purchasing a bike and your insurance company refuses to pay for it, try your community. My church held a fundraiser for me shortly after my accident and I used the money raised to buy my FES bike. If I didnt have that help and support I'm not sure I would've ever owned one. $15,000 just seems like a ton of money (just as much as a car) to buy something for one person.

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    Boca Raton, Florida, USA
    My insurance didn't even want to pay for my WHEELCHAIR! )))))

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    Insurance is paying for the bikes presently if you know how to file it and respond to their questions. Heather Davis a Electrologic is an expert in this area. She has obtained about 85% of our bike sales through insurance. If you want one of our StimMaster Galaxy FES bikes, contact her at 800-758-3460 and she will make it happen for you.

    Steve Petrofsky

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    Senior Member Jeff's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Argao, Cebu, Philippines
    Steve - Thank you so much for posting here and making this offer. I know that many of us would like to have FES but just feel too intimidated about working the system. Having an expert like Heather be available is what we all need.

    I'd like to urge everyone who believes they might be a candidate for FES to consider pursuing it. I cannot tell you all how much better I feel about myself, my health and my future now that I'm biking regularly. It is a partial cure, IMHO. It has definitely changed my life for the better.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Senior Member Leo's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Yankton, South Dakota
    This may be an option also,

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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    I wanted to bump this thread. I'm a grad of Wright State Univ. in Dayton. Steve is famous in these parts!

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni

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    Mar 2002
    I got mine off of e-bay!
    It was bran new and it was less than 8,000 dollars!
    Thanks to a good friend for pointing it out!

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    I bought mine for 1,000$ used from another guy in a w/c who had bought it used. He failed to mention that it had never worked for him-that it was broke. It is an old original ergys 1 that used stimwear but had been converted to the
    three elecrodes then the two electrode set-up. I looked it over and found the roll-pin had shorn in the flywheel causeng the rider to not be able to gain momentum making the computer think the user is fatigued. So I replaced the 25 cent roll pin and it works like new!

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