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    Project Walk in New Zealand

    Project Walkâ„¢ New Zealand

    Project Walk Inc. has started the training program for The Dardzinski Methodâ„¢ of spinal cord injury recovery to be practiced in other facilities. We have selected New Zealand to be our first international facility outside of our headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. Geoff Dossetor, who has a C4/5 injury, and his support team have been working with the staff of Project Walkâ„¢ to bring our method back to New Zealand with him to help others with SCI.

    The New Zealand team arrived at the end of June to begin a month of total immersion into The Dardzinski Methodâ„¢ and the unique atmosphere of Project Walkâ„¢. Geoff brought his trainer, Eric Billoud, who is one of New Zealand's top multi-sport athletes and a well respected trainer to work with our top Specialists and various clients to learn our techniques and apply them to Geoff. Eric will be continuing his education in The Dardzinski Methodâ„¢ for the next three years. We are implementing an exchange program where we will send Specialists to New Zealand to teach, and they will send Specialists to Carlsbad to learn. Tele-training for the New Zealand staff will be held on a continual basis through internet communication.

    We are very excited about the New Zealand team joining our family. In the near future, you will be able to contact Project Walk New Zealand by going to our website and clicking on the New Zealand link.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walkâ„¢

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    How about an East Coast facility, before more international ones? Atlanta would be central!


    King Tut!

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    That is fantastic Snowman

    Put South Africa next on your list...;-) Great weather and cheap for you guys coming here with US Dollars. Plus a tonne of sci injuries from our bad drivers and ex-Rugby players like me.

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    This is great news Eric, thanks for letting us know. When will the NZ facility be ready to accept clients?

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