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Thread: "The Mom's" progress report

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    My 16 year old son is a C6-7 Asia A, injured May 26th of 2002. He works out 3 hours plus daily- crunches (he can suck in his stomach now), rowing machine, knee pushups and swaying with weights on all fours, kneeling on his own supported on low parallel bars - he's beginning to move down the bars, Bicycling- initiating with his body, but "pushing" with his legs(the bicycle is an old Schwynn Aridyne with the fan removed and filled with cement to create a heavy "flywheel." The sturdy handle bars have been disengaged and are secured so they don't move~ they give good support.) he stands an hour 4-5 times a week in an Easy Glide 6000 while shifting side to side (too easy to just stand now and needs to work on balance), "squeezing" stress balls in his hands. What has been neglected is the hands, so he is trying to work that in. He doesn't use the arm pushes except for Aerobic workout since he lifts weights at the local gym 3 times a week. His new favorite machine twists his abs side to side and is greatly strengthening his sides.He receives his license August 12 and has spent his "extra" time learning to lift himself and his chair into a Dodge Ram pickup to drive. Doubt we will see much of him after that! He plays Quad Rugby and I credit this site and the game for the constant motivation to never give up! He will begin training to use the ParaStep, the first traditional rehab he's experienced since he left Craig Aug 12th of last year when he returned to school ~ seems no one knew what to do with him! It's not always pretty and it certainly isn't easy, but you can't stop this rolling stone.... Got to have your line in the water if you're going to catch fish!

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    "The Mom's" progress report


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