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Thread: Which machine to purchase?

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    Which machine to purchase?

    MY husband, Joe, is a C5-C6 quad who is making a very good recovery. He is 10 months post and is able to stand for about 10 minutes or so unassited. He is beginning to take steps. His right leg is very strong and able to step alone, but his left leg is very weak esp at the hip flexor. You have to lift the leg for him. I want to get an exercise machine for at home. We tried a treadmill, but it didn't work well for him. I built a lift(actually it's an engine hoist secured to the roof rafters) to suspend him over exercise equipment. He thinks a stair climber but I'm going for an eliptical machine. Also, would I be insane to tape his feet to the pedals? I do it when he is on the exercise bike and it kind of freaked him out at first.
    I'd appreciate any advice. MY house is beginning to look like a gym I have so much equipment. After all of the experience I've had with Joe, I could open my own rehab facility! I have as much stuff as they do!


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    Stacey , i would consider the elliptical trainer . i'm not sure what a stair climber is , but imagine it is what i have heard called a ''stepper'' . if so , the leg movement is in a pattern similar to running on the spot . in my opinion it is very important to get as similar gait as normal walking as possible . the trainer does this . regarding keeping his feet on the pedals , a couple of suggestions , using screws , going from inside to out , screw a pair of sandshoes onto the pedals , use bicycle clips to hold shoes or screw either sheet metal or plywood to shoes [ leaving a couple of inches extra length back and front ] then have some type of attachment to fit this to the pedals . i had another thought , attach a pair of diving bootees to the pedals .

    thank you

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    Stacey we use snowboard bindings that are screwed to the pedals of a bike{try the tape too}, works great about 60.00.

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    SCIFIT has climbers and ellipticals. The elliptical trainer features a handy articulating foot-bed that pivots with the natural gait motion of the user:

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