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Thread: most effective FES program?

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    most effective FES program?

    I have a stim master galaxy bike. I did the recommended 15 min. program 3 times a week for four weeks. I noticed my muscles would only pedal for about 2 min. before fatigue set in and cycling required assistance for the next 13 min. I can't imagine electric stimulation of a fatigued muscle group for this length of time is beneficial. I decided to stimulate to fatigue, cool down, and repeat 3 times. However, I didn't appear to gain any more time where my stimulated muscles were cycling without assistance. Am I too impatient? Is there a better program?


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    David, I have the same problem. It's now a year since your post. Have thins gotten any better?

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    We've had a few slow starters. I was totally different. Even after 20 years my legs just started getting stronger and stronger immediately. I wonder if spasticity level has anything to do with it?

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    Hi Dave,
    I am starting back on my Orion Bike after a 1 1/2 year lay off. I am getting a quick start by assisting with hands on knees for 5 minute intervals. It helps keep the % of stim down for a much longer time. After the 3rd session I am doing 25 minutes, and gradualy using less assistance.

    I notice on bad days my legs will jerk side ways a little. If your legs are not pumping smoothly try checking the electro-pad location.


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