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Thread: EZ3 recumbent trike

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    Car Carrier

    Thank for all for your information. I have a cheap trike from WalMart that I ride frequently (with my two dogs on leashes) and just got the EZ trike and am thinking how I can transport it with my car. I do have a old pick up flat carrier thing that is a little too narrow for the trike but I think I can have the shop people make it a little bigger when they install a receiver on my car. Then I can use that carrier with some tie down straps and am good to go. I had problems with my right foot coming off before but I just sucked it up and it dont happen to much now.

    I plan on riding 70 miles a day latter this summer on it for a week so I will know what problems I have. That is an organized bike riding event so the cars wont run me over I hope. But I do need a way to transport my new trike to the start and finish of that.

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    Where can one get these clip-on pedals and shoes?

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    Mountain bikers use them, so probably anyplace that sells high-end bicycling accessories.

    About them:

    A place to start:

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    even better then shoes, they can be had for about $40 on sale at performance or nashbar. Notice the raised toe guard .
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    Do they hook onto the pedals somehow? I require that, or my leg falls off (and gets run over by the back wheel ack!)

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    yes they take the spd cleats without modification.
    another possible way is using power grips ,which can be used with your every day footwear. they com In sizes i would think the largest they make would work with boots
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    I don't know if my legs are ever gonna be strong enough again, but I would sure like to try those sandals. Thnx, Mike.

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    I've seen a strap around the calf clipped to the shoe or pedal to compensate for lack of dorsal flexion, but how do you guys keep your ankle from flopping around due to lack of plantar flexion?

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    I have a question, how can one adjust the front derailer the high gear, gear 3 is wanting to back to 2nd.

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