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Thread: Standing wheelchairs--which is the best?

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    I have a lifestand. Its an older model and weighs a real lot, but it works great and is comfortable. I mostly just use it around the house as it weighs a ton to transport.
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    I've looked at Permobil, The Standing Company, and Redman for standing chairs. I could write a full reply on each.

    Look at the options in your area and see what works best for you. From what I understand, standing continuously is what is best for health. If you're not physically able to yourself, like me, then these chairs give the best option.
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    I was fortunate enough to have my workmans comp get me a Levo LAE. I was a bit reluctant to go with Levo because it is manufactured in Switzerland and i feared the lead time would be long and replacement parts impossible but it turned out to be a great choice. The lead time was comparable to any custom made chair........have had no problems with it so I still don't know about replacement parts.
    The chair itself has been excellent..........easy to get into easy to operate although heavy and bulky for an everyday chair it rides smoothly pushes with very little effort. I use it for school and social gatherings it feels great being to look people in the eye instead of in the belt.
    I would highly recommend Levo to anyone looking to buy a standing chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katilea View Post
    so if you had to choose (or choose again) would you just get seperate stander to stand like half an hour a day in front of wii or something or go with a chair with standing features?

    They all seem big although the Otto Bock Xeno seems about same dimensions as my Quantum vibe however I use that as an outdoor chair.

    Also.. maybe SCI nurse can answer this... when they say you need to stand for half an hour do they mean continually or do I not need standing frame yet if I can stand for few mins, sit then stand again for another few mins doing balance game on wii fit?

    I cant just stand for 30 mins non stop but I can stand/sit independently and walk a few steps with walker, i probably do more than 30 mins if you add all the few mins up by end of day but not all in one go?

    However I have to hold on with both hands and alot of weight is on my arms, (i can only play game where you shift weight slightly from left to right from standing) I thought with standing frame that would keep me stood and allow me freedom to move arms to play games like tennis etc

    Honestly Kati you're probably getting better/more useful weight bearing and function from what you are doing now than you would with a standing frame or wheelchair....If you have a walker to put in front of the wii fit, set it up so that you can lean on it when you need to...the more you do it(everyday if you can tolerate it) the more you'll be able to do...try doing some of the yoga exercises that you are able to do as well...they will help with your core strength and balance as well as breathing technique. The more you use the wii the more you will be able to tolerate & the longer and longer you'll be able to stand at a you're getting exercise in addition to the weight bearing that your bones need.
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    I know this is an old thread but Redman Powerchair has probably the best Standing Wheelchair. A friend of mine has one, it basically lets you stand, and recline. It also is a powerchair so it has mobility. I know they are kind of expensive, but well worth it I guess. On that note, I am trying to find some additional wheelchair seats and pads, anyone know of good ones?

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    if you're looking for power stander, be sure to be attentive to the comparative features. I remember being surprised that some totally lacked some functions. Maybe it was that not all do seat elevation, which I have found very useful?

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    My standing wheelchair is unique in that it is half-power (kind of a hybrid). It has power to drive (so it can go long distances and over uneven terrain), but it has an easy MANUAL standing feature so i can stand up real quick and get UPPER BODY exercise throughout the day..

    I've had other standing chairs but this model has worked out real well for me. It is a model made by The Standing Company.


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