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    Ever feel like.....

    you've been sitting for too long?? Okay. Bad joke. Seriously though, I'm not sure what the right terminology would be for what I'm looking for, but I believe it's something called spinal decompression. Anyone have stretches or activities they do to loosen up their spine? I find spending time in the pool helps to "open" up my spine because gravity's not causing it to sink down. I"m curious what everyone else does?


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    If you have access to a gym, try doing some lat pulldowns. I haven't found anything better to stretch ("open up") my spine. Though any lat pulldown machine would give you a good stretch, I've found that the popular Cybex VR2 Pulldown machine with its close grips works especially nice.

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    Agreed with Stephen. Suspending your own body weight is great. I used to do pull-ups and pull downs constantly and miss them because I currently don't have grip.

    GC, I also lay on my stomach often and try to stretch up through push-ups, down through "downward facing dog" (a basic yoga move) and have my trainer pull my arms (while laying down) to loosen my shoulders, back.

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    Here is some pretty good equipment

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    Globechaser , i made up a frame consisting of an old bed frame that i could pivot from laying horizontal to vertical .i used to strap my feet [ wearing boots ] to the end of the frame then get a helper to swing bed frame up to vertical and hang like a bat for about 15 mins each day . i felt this stretched me out in ways that i couldn't get through other ways . i don't use this anymore [ and miss doing it ] as i now live by myself .
    thank you

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    Inversion therapy claims to reverse the natural pull of gravity on the body by gently stretching the vertebrae and relieving pressure on internal organs. There are lots of inversion products on the market. Here are a some examples:

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    Depending on an individuals functional ability; a couple of things that help me. Because I can stand in leg braces, I do chin-ups or just hang from a bar that is set at a height that I can reach, barely, with my finger tips. The other stretching is done lying on my side or back as I pull my knees, together, or one at a time, up to my chest. This gives a good stretch through the lower back, gluts and hams. Quads and hips are stretched by laying on my stomach and doing modified push ups, as someone else has already suggested. I think working with a qualified trainer is very important in establishing an exercise, stretching regime. Most local gyms provide trainers for a fee. In many cases I have found these people more helpful and less costly than physical therapists who are usually more mindful of protocol than the benefits you might gain with a more open minded, less restricted, exercise physiologist. I am fortunate that my insurance has and continues to cover the cost of a trainer.

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    I wonder if laying belly down on an exercise ball might help to stretch. Or maybe even an ottoman? I remember a lot of yoga moves for this, but don't know if they could be adapted.

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