I know I may have to see my PT for this, but I'm curious if anyone knows what I can try to do now. I have long leg braces and walk w/ them w/ a walker for exercise. Although I have a t-11,12, complete injury almost 2 yrs post, I'm regaining some thigh muscles. Adductors (knees together)are pretty strong, quads are weak (can kick up 8 in. while sitting)I can separate my knees just a little. Hip flexors are pretty strong- no calve or feet muscles. Is there anything less than my full leg braces which don't use any thigh muscles. I can't stand w/ a walker, but I put it in my standing frame and I back the seat off and hold on to the walker like parallel bars.

I didn't expect to regain this especially after a complete injury, but I'm anxious to do all I can to find out how far I can go.