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Thread: testosterone injections?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass
    Nasty. That guy will be forever reliving his glory days.

    That reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit back in 1994 with Emilio Estevez. He along with Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were on a fitness show called "How much you bench?". People were calling in and talking about how much weight they put up and being steroid free. Meanwhile they had skinny legs, hairy backs, huge upper bodies, zits, etc. I'll never forget this one line. A caller calls up and they ask, "How much ya bench?"

    Caller: The other day I was at Gold's gym and I put up 165 pounds, steroid free. (Proud as hell.)
    Chris Farley: Hey Nancy boy, why don't you get off the phone in the gay bar? Someone else wants to use it.

    That was a pretty funny skit. You had to see it in its entirety to appreciate it.
    I will try a search on youtube and see if its there. It sounds funny lol.

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    [quote=Electrodes]Five years after back surgery I could not shake the pain. Vicodin is no way to live life, for sure. I purchased a gym membership but each time I worked out it took six days to recover and then I was back where I started. I am now 36 years old. I was paralyzed to the point I could not walk before my surgery. I lived half immobilized with pain for the next five years.... My left leg still has a little paralysis to it.

    My back pain is almost gone.... I have since taken up snow skiing and scuba diving.

    My physical therapist told me that my issues were largely because my back muscles were not strong enough to hold my spine correctly. A little more testosterone and a lot of physical training have helped me to lead a healthy life. I do not look like someone that uses steroids. I am not trying to build mass. I just want a normal life and that is what these things provide. A doctor last week told me that I will need to take these the rest of my life and that PSA levels and prostate checks need to happen every six months. If your doctor is not following your health on these things you could get messed up in the long run. If a doctor follows your care I think these are a good thing.

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