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Thread: Some fuente pics. shoulders traps upper back

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    Some fuente pics. shoulders traps upper back

    i hate that i cant build my pecs. its a quad thing. i want to put another 20pds through arms , shoulders and back by my wedding aug 09. dont think it will be a problem

    these are pre workout, no pump no flex. ill have her shoot some after i lift. . my shoulders shread

    1.5yr ago after losing 50 pds and b4 i starrted building back up
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    Woah what made you lose 50 lbs? I remember you got sick, but with what?
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    staph inf that went septic only time in 20 yrs of sci i have ever been in hospital. i was down to nothing. rep
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    Great pics!! Better wipe-on tan..

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    What you think of pec implants, fuentes?

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    jeff, thats a natural tan, i push outside alot as part of my training, never wear a shirt. thats deoderant u r seeing , got sloppy, lol.

    todd, im seriously considering them after i hit my goal. funny i was talking to annalisa about them.
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    damn, i've got a long ways to go...
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    what kinda equipment you use?? do you use a lat pull down? cause i just cant seem to grip it for a good back workout. i transfer into a multi-gym. man seeing your pics makes me wanna start working out again. you should put up some pics or vids of your workouts so we could scab some tips. god stuff man. no pain no gain aye..
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    WOW! Im way more ripped you than you...

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    Now this is what we're talkin' about! I think all you guys should get into competition and start showing us the goods online.. hehe. We could start paid subscriptions playgirl-like, and raise money for the Cure. LOL
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