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Thread: Recommendations on standing frame/Easystand 5000

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    Recommendations on standing frame/Easystand 5000

    Hi All,

    I want to get a standing frame, and like the Easystand 5000 with the mobile option.Easystand 5K Seems like a nice system, I can move it around the house while standing, and the $$ doesn't seem too bad through Sportaid's websitehere (discounted off retail). Now before I drop some $2700 on this thing with the options I want, who here has one of these, and do you like it? Any problems with it? Any other ideas/recommendations?



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    Insurance paid for my standing frame.
    Here's the letter of medical necessity I used-

    Good Luck!

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    I have an easy stand and when I first got it I used it quite often, but now it seems to be collecting dust since I'm back in school. The VA paid for mine and if you talk with your docotor, maybe your insurance can pay for it. you can try to convince them it's medically neccessary. It helps with circulation, stretching out the ankles and calves, etc. Hope this helps.

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    I looked on the website you had for the easy stand and its almost exactly like mine, but the one I have moves your legs-it has these things where you move your arms and as you move your arms, your legs move too. You dont have to move if you dont want to-you can just stand. I think this is better because you can get a workout for your arms too. I think the one I have is called Easy Glider.

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    i got one for my brother, he is c5-6 quad, who doesn't transfer independently. he does very well on it, but it took a while to adjust to standing, since his blood pressure has a tendency to drop out when going up. we now use an anti-histamanie about 1/2 hour before use and that helps with the blood pressure problem. he also needs two people to get into it so that makes it less often, due to logistics and my back. the only other thing is where to keep it- it's a large piece of equipment! he has the easy stander with wheels but due to balance and strength, so far, unable to wheel it. you can e-mail the easy stander co and they will send you a free video, and papers detailing how to apply for insurance assistance-very informative.

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    i believe my son would benefit from this he is on medicare do you know if they will pay for it? are any of you willing to sell your easystand , glidder, wheels ? if so how much email me at

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