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Thread: How often do you stretch your legs?

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    How often do you stretch your legs?

    I have my legs stretched every night. Both legs take about 45 minutes.


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    the first choice is funny.... Wise.

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    I try to stretch at least once a day. I stretch in bed, when a good TV show is on. I'll stretch for about an hour. Lately I've been falling asleep when I transfer to the bed to stretch due to new meds.

    I also stretch a little at night while getting in bed.

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    my workers streches my legs for about 45min every morning and about 10min at night.

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    I never have mine strecthed. I am 26 years post and loose as a goose and always have been. I could still put my foot behind my head with little problem. In fact I'm c5/c6 and my balance is terrible because I'm so loose.


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    Bump! What bump?


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