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Thread: Long leg braces

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    I agree with Curt, i highly recommend you do persue the leg braces. It sure feels nice to get up and hobble around rather than just standing static in a stander. Plus it will make him feel alot better i think. When i was "hobbling" I felt like a new person, it wasn't functional but i loved it.
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    Go for it for sure. I have them (and admittedly they are in the closet) and even if I don't use them very much, its SO nice to know they're there if I decide I want to. And when I got up in them the first few times, the feeling was amazing. The feeling alone is worth every bit of it. It is pretty physically demanding to use braces and I almost no one uses them insead of their chair, but just being able to walk around the house a little is great. The view is so different from 6' in the air instead of 4!
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    Keep the braces and use as often as therapist suggest. It is important to stand and walk with the braces as this will help deter any atrophy that may develop.
    The braces are much better than a standing frame.

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    Braces are what you make of them, and what you deem necessary to use them for to accomplish things in your life. Most of our friends see our family as unique, 2 disabled, 2 able-bodied of which one is a Special Ed Teacher. I can tell you that through our experiences with KAFOs, and HKAFOs; they make a functional daily difference whether or not we are standing or not. Our daughter has used HKAFOs for walking during therapy for 15 years, the rest of the time its KAFOs for positioning and posture. We would have put her in chest-hi HKAFOs at 3 years old, had we known that it would have helped prevent her from having 12 hours of spinal surgery at age 7. (conservative physician) I used HKAFOs for about 12 years, we both do a swing-thru gait; it gets you there faster! Now I use KAFOs for the same thing, when your legs are 38" long, its nice to be able to control the dead wood... While it might be difficult at first, there are advantages. Find a good knowledgible therapist, a great orthotist; and make sure the 3 of you are on the same page. As for the costs; I've spoken to my orthotist about what some members are being asked to pay. We can't figure out if its the gold-plated uprights, the fine Italian leather, or the SUNOCO plastic that costs $15,000 dollars!! Whatever these people are making truely doesn't even cost half as much, especially if they are using the Medicare Rate Chart. Buying braces is like buying a car; get what you need at a price you can afford from a respected, honest Ortho Lab; but don't keep them in the garage!!
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    still at it Does 15 years count as "persevering?" trying to get new braces made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reifers View Post
    My son has ab appointment next week to be fitted for "long leg braces". He is C7 incomplete sensory/complete motor. He has not had any leg movement. The therapists at Shepherd say he has very good upper body strength and decided to try him on these braces. He was able to hold himself up and "hobble" (as he called it) for about 10 feet. The braces will be used for exercise only. Has anyone ever used these? They told us they cost about $10,000 and that a lot of people end up putting them in a closet because they are so much trouble. Please give us some input!! Thanks.
    I have the ones that go to my waist and I was able to go about 500 feet I had to build up but I found if I light held my son arm it was eaiser than a walker

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