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Thread: Para walking

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    Para walking

    Has anyone seen or know anything about this product and the company?

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    Schmeky , i saw it demonstrated [ one of its prototypes i think it was , as this one looks a bit more refined and central pivot does not look to be spring loaded ] when i was in rehab . from memory it worked like this : the operator needs to be able to swing their hips . the central pivot in between both braces had springs set up in a way that in uncompressed position leaves the two arms on it angled either side of a vertical line , could be either side [ ie backward or forward ] compressed both arms were at the vertical line . each of the arms on central pivot fitted into slots at the top inner frame of the brace . the operator uses crutches to maintain balance and help the motion . so if you can imagine an inverted V with each leg of the v being a brace encased operators leg . to make a step the operator shifts weight onto one foot[this gives a point of resistance to compress the spring against ] clearing the other foot from the ground , the operator then swings his hips in a way that causes a the lifted foot to swing in an arc forward . as the swung leg passed the stationary leg the spring arrangement passed its compression point and helped swing the moving leg forward to complete the pace . the sequence was than repeated with the weight put on the foot which is now forward . Schmeky soory if this isn't very clear [ if an engineer can't understand me no one else will except maybe another lowly tradesman like me , ] but it was well over 11 years ago and i am sure i have forgotten something in detailing how the central pivot works . i definitely remember the operator having to squeeze both ends together to fit this to the 2 braces before fitting the apparatus . those of us watching reckoned he looked like a drunken sailor when walking but agreed it seemed to be practical .
    hope this helps
    thank you dogger

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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