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Thread: I need help quick about finding the right place to make me walk again. I only have till Thursday.

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    I need help quick about finding the right place to make me walk again. I only have till Thursday.

    I know that there are other programs going on and was just curious what the results are from there.

    It would be helpful if anybody could list some web sites of other facilities and programs that are helping people walk. And if there are any good results.

    I am aware of what is going on and France. My question is do most people that go to France get recovery? And if they get recovery do most of them end up walking?

    I feel I am heading in the right way in Florida. But was just curious about other places and the results coming from there.

    If anybody has any information or has gone somewhere and has gotten results please post it.

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    Just an opinion. I would encourage you to call or write Arnie Fonseca. He has just opened a state of the art facility here in Phoenix. It is nice. It's well worth looking into.
    Don't take my word for it, rather, check out his website There is contact information on the site. Make a few phone calls. Then decide for yourself if this is the sort of place you are looking for.
    I know they work with all types of insurance. They also have a very good and dedicated professional staff.

    I also spoke with Leighton Weber (sitall-standtall) up in Provo Utah. Very interesting. Although he does not use FES technology, he sounds very down to earth and has an interesting philosophy. Like Arnie Fonseca, he seems dedicated to helping people who are determined to walk.
    His site was posted somewhere on the Project Walk thread.

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    In general I have found in life that if you're confused and rushing . . . then you can't make a "right" choice.

    If this is truly a "life changing" event . . . then you need to take some tme and think through this process carefully. These programs are going to be there tomorrow. They aren't going anywhere.

    I've researched and looked at many of these programs over the years. Your post suggests to me that you need to look further. Check out Project Walk and The Neuro Institute ( for starters as they appear to be the most legitimate, and go from there. I'm going to the neuro institute myself right now and can onlysay good things about them. Check out the "Arnie's Shop" thread on this forum if you want a more detailed description of my experience.

    Make the most informed choice you can. And take the time to do it right.

    You don't owe anybody anything . . . except you owe the best to yourself.

    Good luc

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    Trust your instincts. If you smell a scam, don't go there, especially if they are rushing you. The rush thing is a con artist trick. $35 an hour isn't that bad for a good trainer, but for $45, I'd want some equipment. Just my opinion, and good luck on your quest.

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    What is the name of the place you are going to in Florida?


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    i spent the last 7 months or so in clearwater florida working with paul abbaraxus and janis allen at 'dragon's way'..i rushed in to the decision and wished i had done more research...i would have found out that my options weren't as limited as i thought they were. i started working with them in tuscon arizona and then moved to florida along with several other patients. while in florida we discovered that paul had been dishonest about himself and the origins of some of the treatment (primarily the light/sound therapy).

    once in florida, we were also asked to pay more than what we originally agreed on...if we couldn't come up with the money, paul was closing the doors. we had only budgeted for the year. so we were out of luck and were forced to move home. paul would not honor any of our original agreements. this happened to several patients when they couldn't/wouldn't pay more.
    after this experience and researching on carecure, i realize that there are definitely better options...especially when it comes to spending your money.

    i would reccomend the neuro institute in phoenix. i haven't been there yet, but it sounds like the ticket and/or a great place to test equipment and methodologies that might suit you. i'm bummed because i didn't know to check it out while i was in tuscon.

    the last i heard about dragon's way was that janis is treating people in their homes. i've been back in oregon about two months now...licking my wounds continuing therapy with the knowledge i've gained, and lurking here on carecure. i did get much return of function working with janis and i'm very thankful. she is an excellent therapist and i enjoyed working with her. in fact, imo she is the only credible aspect of dragon's way. in retrospect i would have done some more background checking and research. i'm not sure who you're working with in clearwater...but beware of paul abbaraxus. he is not only dishonest and untrustworthy, but ill-tempered and repugnant.

    best of luck to can contact me via email if you want to speak to me or others about experiencing dragon's way.


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    Dusty, thanks for your post.

    Dann21, good luck. Take your time in deciding.

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    Try the IMT Center. My son, Jake C4-5, is making good progress there.

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    I forgot to add the clinic and the people I would be working with in Florida.

    The clinic is Dragons Way. And the people I would be working with are Paul Abbaraxus and Janice Allen.

    If anybody has gone there and worked with them, please post your experience with them.

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    Take a look at the website. They are doing things there that are amazing.

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