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    Project Walk Website Update

    Look for new content on our site including new client bios, new pictures of the expanded facility, and videos(finally). The videos will help you see the clients in action and give you a tour of the facility.

    We should have this up within the next week or 2.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walk

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    Great!!!!! Can't wait... By the way Cody Bader is working hard at the exercises and program he learned at PW this past Dec. I have never seen him so excited and determined to be up and out of his wheelchair, It will happen,

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    The website has been updated with new should be up this weekend. More videos to come soon.

    Below is our newsletter for this quarter :

    (I apologize for the quality as it was a publisher file that I converted to post here.)

    The purpose of this newsletter is to keep everyone updated on the monthly progress of our clients along with the fast-paced changes of Project Walk as we evolve and grow. And, we are evolving and growing! Those few that have been with us for over a year have seen the greatest growth--from 3 trainers to the current group of 16, not including Tammy and myself.

    In the upcoming months, the most exciting thing will be the continued progress of our clients. Most of the clients have been with us for about 6 months and the improvements have been amazing-WOW! It takes at least 2 years to go through this program, and currently most of the clients participating are close to finishing Phase I (Reactivation) and Phase II (Development/Stabilization) and are moving into Phase III (Strength). Why are we so excited about this--because the hardest part is done! Within the next 6-10 months at least 10 more clients (that stay in the program) will start to create controlled movement. They will join the 5 clients learning how to take steps at the present time.

    My job over the next few months is to educate the SCI community on how this program actually works. I will expand on the theory behind it and what to expect during your program participation. Very few people truly and genuinely understand what we are doing. Unfortunately most of our clients and family members do not. That will change. In 2003 with the training certification program in place and a book being written, the questions will be answered.

    The most important facet of our program is the group of the hardest working people I have ever met---my trainers. These individuals have been pushed to the limits by myself and the clients. They had to learn so much in such a short time, becoming the premier experts on how a person recovers from a spinal cord injury. Our trainers will be traveling around the world in the next few years teaching doctors, physical therapists and other health care professionals how an SCI recovers.

    Thank You,
    Ted Dardzinski

    A Note from Ted
    Project Walk Expansion

    Phase II ---- Our current expansion will be completed by 3/1/03. The additional space will include a new entrance for clients; a lobby for parents and friends to relax; two more bathrooms; a lunch room; rooms for additional services; and corporate offices.

    Phase III ---- The warehouse next door (Closet Crafters) is the final expansion for our Carlsbad headquarters. This additional warehouse space will be 90% workout space and will house our new gait trainers and assisted walker. When all is said and done, Project Walk will be between 15,000 and 20,000 square feet of a one of a kind spinal cord injury recovery center.

    First Quarter 2003
    Volume 1, Issue 1

    The Miracle is in the Method®

    A regular feature in our newsletter, it will be a sort of "cheering" section for our program members. In our first publication, we will be updating you from day one thru January 2003. In subsequent issues it will be to celebrate their progress quarterly.

    Alex Johnson - Alex started 10/21/02 and is slowly getting off his spasm medications. His body is starting to loosen up and gain function. Alex is starting to enter Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric) load bearing. Just recently he became capable of beginning to do modified pushups. (C4-5)

    Angela Rockwood-Nyguen - Angela started on 11/01/02. She is working on finishing Level I (Reactivation) and working on Level II (Development/Stabilization) with her lower extremities. Her upper body is now entering Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). (C4-5)

    Chloe Crawford - Chloe started on 7/8/02. She has just finished Level I (Reactivation) and Level II (Development/Stabilization) and is starting Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). Her iliopsoas muscle group is capable of a concentric contraction on any given day. (T12/L1)

    Chris Cantwell - Chris started 8/02 and WOW! Almost 5 years post injury and Chris is flying. He is working on Level IV (Function/Coordination) and will be starting his balance and gait training later this spring. (C4)

    Corky Packard - Corky started on 8/1/01 and is working on Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). (C6-7)

    Erica Nader - Erica started on 6/17/02 and just moved into Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). In the last two weeks she has felt her body change. Erica is able to ride the bike (without a spotter), is getting push on the total gym and resistance in the floor exercises. (C6-7)

    Jeff Sirko - Jeff started on 7/8/02 and surprised me recently when he rode the bike with a spotter doing very little. A few months ago it took 4 people to help him on the bike. Jeff started with jelly for legs, but not now, he is into Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric) really working on those eccentric contractions. (C5-6)

    Jeremy McGhee - Jeremy started on 1/02 and is working on Level I (Reactivation). Maybe the screws from his rod that were put through his spinal cord have something to do with his progress? (T10)

    Joey Pulford - Joey started on 7/30/02 and is getting strong! He stood last week without a knee spotter and only a hip (side to side) spot. Joey is working on Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). He is very close to getting a concentric contraction in the quadriceps. (C5)

    Joy Dobler - Joy started on 7/15/02. With some of the strongest legs in the group, Joy is working on Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). (C5-6)

    Laura Chmielewski - Laura started on 7/15/02 and is moving into the second phase of Level III (Strength: Concentric/Eccentric) and is also starting with Level IV (Function and Coordination). Within a few months Laura, with her work ethic, should start the final phase (Balance and Gait). Great work Laura! (T4).

    Laura Dominguez - Laura started on 6/25/02 and is working on Level I (Reactivation) and Level II (Development/Stabilization) and if she continues her progress, will be entering Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric) very shortly. (C6)

    Mario Marigiotta - Mario started on 1/5/02 and continues to improve. Like most everyone else in the program, Mario is finishing up Level I (Reactivation) and Level II (Development/Stabilization) and is entering Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). (C5-6)

    Matt Theide - Matt started on 7/31/01. His progress has really picked up in the last month. He is working on Level IV (Function/Coordination), and hopefully will move into the final phase within the next few months. (C6)

    Nate Ladendorf - Fast Track Nate started on 12/9/02. The question is: can we keep up with his progress! Nate started the program only 3 1/2 months post injury and has already finished Level I (Reactivation) and Level II (Development/Stabilization) in less than two months. He is already starting on Level III (Strength: Eccentric/Concentric). (T1)

    Patrick Parker - Patrick started on 10/25/02. I feel like a broken record...Patrick is finish Level I and II and is starting Level III. Hopefully he won't break the gait trainer before he can start walking. (C7/T1)

    Robert Lord - Robert came to us on 5/13/02 with a serious gait problem. Robert is working through Level V (Balance/Gait Training). (C3-4-5)

    Ryan Ashman - Ryan started in 8/02. His goal is to be back in Philly by July using his muscles so he can continue his progress on his own. Do not bet against him. Ryan is working on Level IV (Function and Coordination.) This is his last level. If he can complete this, he is good to go. (T9)

    Ryan Collo - Have you seen his MRI? A ninety-degree angle, that can't be healthy. The "Specimen", as he calls himself, is one of those fast track guys. Ryan started 7/11/02, just 3 months post injury. He has finished Level I and II and is starting on Level III. Ryan can pull himself into a standing position and lock out his legs using is quadriceps. (T4-5)

    Tim Crane - Tim started on 2/12/02. Once again, Tim, like everyone else in the program, is finishing up Level I and is working on Level II and Level III. (C6-7)

    Progress Notes

    Working hard. Clients & trainers give it their all in an effort to achieve goals.
    Meet our newest members.

    Allen Northrup
    After visiting PW for a two week visit last April, Allen and his wife Sharon moved from their home in Bellevue, Washington to nearby Lake San Marcos. Injured in a car accident in November 2000, Allen sustained a C7, T1 SCI. His goal is to "walk someway, shape, or form" with the help of PW. Allen is starting at Level I with his lower extremities and Level IV with upper.

    Drew Driver
    Originally from Gaylord, Michigan, Drew moved to Oceanside with a friend from high school. In June 2001, he was injured in a car accident while swerving to miss a deer, and sustained a T7 SCI. Drew has aspirations of one day returning to downhill skiing. "Ever since I was injured in the hospital, it was the first thing I wanted to do." Drew is starting at Level IV, he has hired us to get him back on the ski slopes by next season. We are going to do our best.

    Brian King
    A Brawley, CA resident, Brian was injured in a car accident in which the air bag did not deploy. The accident left him with a T3-4 SCI. His goal is to gain "as much function as possible" and "to walk." Brian is working on Level I and Level II.

    Casey Peterson
    Casey comes to us all the way from Kelvington, Saskatchewan (Canada). His wife Lydia and his four-month-old daughter, Brooke, join him and are currently staying in the Pauma Valley. In April 2002, he was injured in a wagon racing rodeo accident (C6/7). Concerning his goals, Casey says, "I just want to get my life back." Casey's upper extremities are in Level IV; his lower are on Level I and II and should be starting level III very soon.

    Jose Tellaeche
    Jose travels north of the border from Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico). In November 2001 he was in a car accident which caused a C2-3-4 SCI. Besides eventually walking, Jose's immediate goal is to move his arms, and for his neurological pain to decrease. Jose is working on Level I and Level II.

    Randy Harpel
    A resident of Spearfish, South Dakota, Randy and his wife Cindy are currently staying in Carlsbad. As "luck" would have it, two of their three daughters are living in San Diego (the third resides in Minneapolis). One is attending Mesa College, and the other is looking to start her career in the fashion industry. Randy was injured on the job when a piece of steel fell on him rendering him a C6-7 quadriplegic. His short-term goal is "to crawl on my hands and knees" and long-term to "take my wife dancing." Randy's upper body started as a Level III, but is now working his way into Level IV. His lower extremities are Level I and II

    Rick Bentley
    Rick is back after visiting us in November for a 3 days. He calls Burlington, Massachusetts his home. Some interesting facts about him are that he enjoys snowboarding and he played offensive tackle for the University of Oregon. In April 2002, Rick was in a motorcycle accident and sustained a C4 SCI. His short-term goal is "to feed myself." Big Rick came in with nothing; upper or lower. Within a short one-month period, Rick can control his legs in certain positions and move them. Rick's upper body is Level I and his lower ranges from Levels I to III.

    Rick Graue
    Originally from Seattle, Washington, Rick now lives in Laguna Beach. In September 2002, he incurred a C5 SCI while body surfing at Victoria Beach, California. His immediate goal is "to use a manual wheel chair." In addition to walking, he would like to "ski and procreate." Right out of the hospital into PW, just the way we like to see clients, Rick is working on Level I.

    Rocky Cimarusti
    A North County local boy, Rocky shattered his T12 and fractured his L1 while riding in his dune buggy on October 26, 2002. Right out of the hospital, Rocky is working on Level I and II and is already moving into Level III in some areas. He can ride the bike without a spotter and is working on standing.

    Meet the newest members to our training family.

    Jeffrey Fowler, Trainer
    My name is Jeffrey Fowler, I am 32 years old and have been living in San Diego for almost 2 years. Before moving here my wife and I were living in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. My background is in Corrective Exercise Kinesiology, although I enjoy focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices to attain maximum health and vitality. Lately, I have begun training in Ayurvedic Fitness Principles. My passions include my wife, cycling, and cooking.

    Laura R. Karch, Intern
    Laura joined Project Walk in January as an associate trainer intern. She brings with her a strong background in anatomy and physiology, along with extensive knowledge of healing through the art of massage. Laura has been involved with massage therapy for 8 years, both as a recipient and as a student. She is currently attending the IPSB school in San Diego for massage therapy and holistic health. Laura was involved in the spa industry for 3 years as a spa director, designing individualized programs to benefit clients' health needs. She spent 3 years as a research associate at the Gate Laboratory at the DuPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, where she analyzed the walking gate patterns of normal adolescents and compared them to abnormal patterns. Laura attended the University of Delaware where she earned her bachelor's degree in Health and Nursing Sciences. Laura has the unique perspective of many of our clients in that she has had a spinal cord injury

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walk

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