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  • I am a walking para. Regained this function in less than 6 months w/extensive PT.

    29 15.26%
  • I am a walking para and regained this function within a year w/extensive PT.

    31 16.32%
  • I am a walking para and regained this function within 2 years of my injury. I had extensive PT.

    9 4.74%
  • I am a walking para that regained this function after 3 years or more w/extensive PT.

    2 1.05%
  • I am a para and have not as of yet regained walking ability.

    119 62.63%
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Thread: Walking Paras

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    that's pretty amazing! What makes you a complete injury, no sacral sensation but some muscle return, or neither.
    It's strange that the docs at Mt. Sinai call me complete, even though I have flickers of muscle return.

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    Unfortunately the low injuries will be harder to cure if the cure ever becomes available. Gray matter will be much to do anything with than White matter. Anything below I believe t-12 consists mostly of gray matter.

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    you have access to the same info that I do. I would assume that lack of sacral sensation is the way they determine incomplete or complete. And yes, I am "complete" with some muscle return, and so is the person I was refering to in my prior post. Now how you take it is up to you. I would prefer to say I was incomplete, I might even be able to walk again without using braces with alot of determination and hard work. Will I get return of bladder, bowel and sexual function? Who knows. The ability to walk isn't a cure, just part of getting back some of the abilities that were lost when I broke my back.

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    I am very interested in your post about physical training. My daughter is a t12,l1 and she is going to project walk in a month. Can you share with us what type of work out you and your workout buddy is doing to get back on your feet.

    My daughter is willing to work out as hard as she can to see if she will be able to walk again.



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    I do core exercises like crawling, and other floor exercises, weight training in vertical positions, I walked on my knees for awile using shortened canes. I have been training now for a year so of course I have done many different exercise routines within that time period. feel free to contact me at my email address for any further information.

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    I'm T3-T4 Para since 11Sept.2000. I had two operations 3 to 4 months after my accident I was back home and started hard training.
    My situation has improved tremendously from what it was after the operation, but unfortunately I still have no movement or feelings from the waste down.
    I'm standing with standing frame for 2 hours every day. Tried to walk in parallel bars before some time, bus as I don't have my abs working It's very hard to walk. I think to try this again soon. Maybe I'll do better.
    I do one exercise but still don't know how I do it: I lift up a 9 kilos weight with my legs with the help of a rope through a pulley. I do this twice a day with both legs for 100 times each. I started with 2kilos.
    I also do electrostimulation to my legs, abs and paravertebral muscles every day for 1 hour.
    I'll be happy to read any suggestions or proposals how to speed up my improvement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bent
    complete T12/ L1's- walking 100% impossible.
    you'll work out hard core for 2 years and still not be able to stand unassisted; again this is if you are a complete!
    grimmer news is that these injuries in the lumbar area are irreversible even through potential therapies.
    i believe strongly that com[plete low para's have no chance to walk again ever!
    Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but I'm totally confused while reading this--So, for an ASIA A injuried at T12/L1, walking is 100% impossible?

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    Every thoracic/lumbar injury is different complete or incomplete. I do not agree with 100% impossible. I have seen individuals (both complete and incomplete) walk with different types of orthotics. I guess then the argument is what is functional. I'm not sure who should be the judge of what is functional and I'm skeptical as to who should define functional for the individual with the injury.

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    also the description of complete can be subjective. i myself find it hard to belive that a t12 complete is climbing ladders and walking well enough to be functioning as a roofer
    cauda equina

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    I was a walking para for 35 years, th12. It took me about 6-8 months to start walking. Now I can't walk anymore but at least I could for all those years.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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