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  • I am a walking para. Regained this function in less than 6 months w/extensive PT.

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  • I am a walking para and regained this function within a year w/extensive PT.

    30 15.96%
  • I am a walking para and regained this function within 2 years of my injury. I had extensive PT.

    9 4.79%
  • I am a walking para that regained this function after 3 years or more w/extensive PT.

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  • I am a para and have not as of yet regained walking ability.

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Thread: Walking Paras

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    Burst L#1.(incomplete) May 20, 2004. Took 8 months with a walker to get my core strengthened for balance. No problem there now.

    Then used 4 prong cane for two weeks, kept getting my feet tangled in it so I started with just the cane at 9th month.

    Got shoe inserts 9th month, which helped the heel pain. Walk around the
    house using nothing now, lift my toes as high as I can get them so now I've got the heel to ball of foot... balance back.

    Toes now flat on right foot and wearing hammertoe thingie on left foot
    so they are now getting flat as well, plus my usual toe stretching exercises. Doing side to side lunges to strengthen my ankles.

    I walk slow but gait is really improving. Hoping by spring my heel to toe
    action will greatly improve as well.
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    queen those exercise you mailed me rock. Starting to be able to do them somewhat. keepin' it up though. ur my inspiration!

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    when my son was in rehab in Billings, Montana, 10/10/03, I got a letter form a 65 year old retired rodeo clown. He told me he was in the same hospital in 1957 after a bull riding accident, of course they told him he would be in a wheel chair the rest of his life. Three years later he was running as a clown in a rodeo. He was a lower t injury as I recall. He had some ropes on the ceiling his Dad made and used those to move his legs. Then he was given a mule and says riding the mule helped him to walk again. He is a wonderful man who helped me keep hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meredith Tate
    Then he was given a mule and says riding the mule helped him to walk again.
    i'm all for unorthodox methods, but this is really odd.

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    I have heard that the motion and energy of horse back or mule back riding transfers to the body riding and helps to promote recovery. I would imagine balance is also achieved. This is what he told me and back then you were more or less on your own. Then as now all doctors tell you you will be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, you make the difference.

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    I am a walking para, 15 years post. Now I am a quad as secondary degeneration to the initial injury. I have central cord, but am still walking. Use platform cane, bilaterally. My balance is terrible.
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    Hey CapnGimp...

    I'm a little late to this thread, but did something you are thinking of trying, 'walking' with braces. I'm T6 complete, so thats pretty much like you. I have some braces and a walker, but havent really used them much. The big problem for guys like us is the lack of abs and hip flexors, when standing your body is not straght, and doesnt want to be either. Seems I look like a bananna when standing (hips forward, legs dragged back), walking with that walker, well, I never did that, just standing. I am thinking that if I had some sort of connection brace made between my chest and the leg braces this would be very helpful, then I imagine you could hop yourself around using your arms to lift on the walker. Oh well, I got the braces I wanted, but the whole concept is so goofy now they sit in the closet. Maybe I will play with them sometime later if I get that urge again.

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    Yepper, that's what I was thinking EXACTLY.
    I only got to try braces to the thighs on each leg without a connector between the braces at crotch level to keep the legs 'straight'. They have those now.
    I watched in the mirror at rehab and had the bananna look too,lol. That was when I discovered I no longer had a butt, don't remember it falling off anywhere either
    If I were you, I'd fab me a chest support and try them again sometime and see how that works. Heck, we just need to get a refrigerator box and fiberglass it, cut it to fit and put some wheels on the bottom

    BTW, I only used paralell bars, the pt's were busy enough catching my legs which went every direction when I lifted them off the ground. I found it quite humorous, they tired off me quickly. I hadda try tho. There was a T12 there that did fair with leg braces and crutches, when he would fall, I'd cringe, looked rough. That's what gave me the idea to attempt it.
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    walking para

    I am up and walking with a walker after a year and a half in a wheel chair. I use the chair in the house so i can have my hands free, but i am able to walk down the road, we take the walker to malls restaurants, etc. I was finally able to walk a entire mile 2 days ago. I don't have calves and can't wiggle my toes, but am still able to walk with the hamstrings, quads and gluts i have regained. So, i pray the endurance and strength will continue. i have come a LONG way and know i have a LONG way to go. i say, just don't give up or set timelines.

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    I just added a post to Cali's thread "what's your experience/opinion (KAFOs)" referencing this thread

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