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  • I am a walking para. Regained this function in less than 6 months w/extensive PT.

    29 15.26%
  • I am a walking para and regained this function within a year w/extensive PT.

    31 16.32%
  • I am a walking para and regained this function within 2 years of my injury. I had extensive PT.

    9 4.74%
  • I am a walking para that regained this function after 3 years or more w/extensive PT.

    2 1.05%
  • I am a para and have not as of yet regained walking ability.

    119 62.63%
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Thread: Walking Paras

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    Walking Paras

    How many T's and L paras in our community have regained some walking function?

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    bump up for more votes.

    I hope that every body is has a thoracic or lumbar injury will respond to this poll. It might help reverse the general notion that people who are initially paraplegic never recover walking.


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    From my experience, walking Para's are quite rare, walking quads are more common, however still rare.

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    Thanks Deb,

    For posting this Para poll with your Quad poll, you'll have to show me how you did this sometime.


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    My son was injured in Sept 2001, T12 incomplete, and walked out of the spinal unit (using two sticks) to come home in the following May. It would have taken less time but the serious head injury/operation he'd had meant he wasn't moved to the spinal unit until Nov 2001, plus he had some bad pressure sores which held him up for months. He only started the really serious physio stuff in the Jan/Feb of 2002. His initial hospital had told us he would never walk again. But then they also said he wasn't going to come out of the vegetative state he was in, and he's back to normal now apart from the remaining SCI damage (ie he has minimal feeling below the left knee and problems with bladder, bowel, sexual function etc).

    A re-opened sore on his heel has partially held him up since about July last year - he uses a mix of chair & sticks, & sometimes just one stick. (It's been a trade-off between being in the chair the entire time and having the heel mend quicker, or having a slower healing time but being able to walk at least some of the time, and he chose the latter). Now that the heel is finally mended he's going to start doing some more intensive exercise again. He did actually take a few steps the other day without using anything but it was very difficult and his hips were all over the place! (As were my heartbeats!)

    I didn't vote on this post because it's me, not him but thought I ought to add my fourpenneth somehow.


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    Debbie, what would you consider to be return of funtion? Strengthened hip flexors, some quadricep return, and how much would you consider beneficial?

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    If your email is listed - I'll email you the steps to create a poll. The Care/Cure designers have made it real user friendly.


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    In my opinion any return of function below the break is a good sign. However, for the purpose of this poll I'm talking about enough function that you can walk with minimal aid. I would think that walking with a cane or some ankle support would qualify as walking in this poll.


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    wow, is that right: the most return was w/in or after 3yrs. that's great! it makes my day.

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    complete T12/ L1's- walking 100% impossible.
    you'll work out hard core for 2 years and still not be able to stand unassisted; again this is if you are a complete!
    grimmer news is that these injuries in the lumbar area are irreversible even through potential therapies.
    i believe strongly that com[plete low para's have no chance to walk again ever!

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