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    The Neuro Institute

    Last week, Sally, her dad, and I visited The Neuro Institute in Tempe, Az. What a fabulous facility! We spoke at length with the owner, Arnie Fonseca, an extremely knowledgable PT, Dan Bonaroti, and a caring and empathetic OT named Paul. Sally was able to try out the equipment including a FES bike and Gait trainer. She loved it there and didn't want to leave. These people are incredibly informed and willing to share their knowledge. They are very enthusiastic and optimistic, but yet, realistic and honest in their assesments. In a word, WOW!

    Sally definitely wants to do intensive PT. Tomorrow, we will visit Next Steps in Redmond, Wa. and then she will make her decision as to which facility best suits her. I'll post our impressions tomorrow or Wednesday.


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    Sandi - If you care to find more information about the neuro institute you may want to use the "find" function in the upper left hand corner.

    There have been quite a few conversations/topics concerning Arnie, etc. over the years.

    Best of luck to Sally.

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    bump for nrgized.

    Call Arnie in Tempe, AZ.

    Good luck

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