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    while recovering in the hospital we tried electric stim. i didn't get a contraction but i could feel it and when i did i tried to contract my muscles. i continued to do it just like that for months now. my new therapist thinks it's pointless since i don't get a contraction. i'm due for a follow-up w/my doc and i'm going to see if i could get an emg. if i don't get good results, what can i do instead that's just as good?

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    jb, your going to have to do some research on fes. You'll end up educating most of the therapist who work with you, which is too bad, but reality. You may want to go to the Electrologic of America web site. Steve Petrofsky may have some current research for you on the site. If not call Heather at 1-800-758-3460. Ask if you can get some research for FES. Then you must start with your Doctor, as far as educating. He will be the one that will give someone permission to treat, then find a therapist who is willing to work and learn. You may also contact me at 1-888-22-neuro if you have any trouble.

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