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Thread: Research shows improvements on spinal injury rehab

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    Research shows improvements on spinal injury rehab

    Wed, Dec 4 2002 1:11 AM AEDT

    Research shows improvements on spinal injury rehab

    More than 100 people attending a series of free public lectures on spinal injuries have heard about breakthrough research into neural regeneration.

    The lectures are being presented by prominent Australian and international neuro scientists who are in Perth for the third Asia-Pacific Symposium on Neural Regeneration.

    They have covered a range of topics including the latest in stem cell research, tissue engineering and rehabilitation.

    Scientists say that new research is unlikely to completely repair an injured spine but it appears possible to lessen the severity of an injury.

    Washington University professor John McDonald says his research indicates significant rehabilitation can take place some years after an injury has occurred, even when there has been no previous improvement.

    He says broad research into the area is crucial.

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    Seneca, different subject, but yesterday there was an article in the Wall St. Journal concerning nerve regeneration, Yale research, etc.?

    Have you seen this? I can't find it.


    PS, Dr. Lammertse and I had a recent discussion about your impromptu meeting in FL. Glad you met him.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Thanks Chris. Dr. Lammertse was great, I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

    I found the article but I can't access it unless I become a subscriber which will cost 79.00. Does anyone have a subscription the the Wall St. Journal? The article is titled "Spinal Cord Research is Promising." There's also an interesting article about fetal stem cell transplants and Parkinson's.

    Here's the link and url: - Health Industry Home Page

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