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Thread: Auto Ambulator

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    Auto Ambulator

    Has anyone heard the status of the Auto Ambulator? Last I heard they were going to be sold the third quarter of this year.

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    jan of 93, at a little over 100k US. They will be installing them in centers first. This is from the info I received.

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    I spoke to one of the top dogs at Healthsouth ( last week - a Mr. Brookes Adams.

    He said that there are two Autoambulators currently. One on the road, one being re-engineered at their site in Birmingham, AL.

    Mr. Adams hopes to manufacture 2-5 units within the first quarter of next year. Hopefully these will be put into various HealthSouth rehab centers around the country. As manufacturing gets more efficient the cost should come down.

    Neat product, great concept.

    Onward and Upward!

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