Dear friends,

After the first medical thesis,for the first time, a renown University, Tel Aviv University, offers to enhance the laserpuncture effects in collaboration with Shimon Rochkind, Specialist in Neurosurgery & Microsurgery, Division of Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction Director, Senior Neurosurgeon, Department of Neurosurgery, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University, Head Scientist, Neural & Vascular Institute (NVR labs), Editor, Laser Therapy. Shimon Rochkinds email :

The scientific protocol consists of a study on 60 rats carried over 2 years. The budget required for the first year is of 35 625 US dollars. The importance of the protocol and its results for spinal cord research has interest for everyone, given the results we have already noticed on our patients in France.

Knowing the innermost mechanisms of laserpuncture actions would enable to develop the treatment worldwide. That is why I propose to start a fund for the protocol which is not so expensive. We will appeal to the European Community as well as private donators. For the persons wishing to help the protocol funding, a fiscal receipt will be given by the laboratory (Tel Aviv University). The donators will be informed how the funds are used, the progress of the protocol and its results.

If you wish to privately help the protocol, please send us an email with your first name, surname and the amount you would like to send. Do not send any money now. Once the control structure will be set up, we will inform you where to send the money.

It is a great opportunity for the spinal cord research and maybe a new step will be made. If the protocol is realized, it will be your victory first. Thanks to your help, you will have enabled science and SCI knowledge to move forward.

The 35 625 US dollars will be used as follows:
Animals: 3.000 US dollars
Scientist for animal experiments (50%): 12.000 US dollars
Scientist for biochemical experiments (25%): 6.000 US dollars
Chemicals and Biochemical kits : 4.000 US dollars
2 Scientific Meetings (France-Israel): 3.500
Overhead: 7.125 US dollars
Total: 35.625 US dollars

Thanks for your help. Well keep you informed of the protocol progress.