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Thread: Your Own Recovery Program

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    Dude, didn't you post this already?

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    I am a new member and my thread was moved to this forum. If you are reading this thread then you may see how this relates! Many people are trying to find answers to be able to walk and stand again. Chris has an incredable writeup that offers many ideas and suggestions to people looking for answers. reinforcement of newly learned patterns in real world situations. This is very beneficial and much needed adjunct treatment paradign, and accentuates body weight support treadmill training. Body weight support training, in general, has shown a benefit of retraining central pattern generation and the ensuing stepping pattern. Ground support systems allow you to safely transfer and reinforce this progression to various land based gait training activities. reinforcement of the various qualities of gait during land based activities is a must for the activity to become functional. Lisa's story directly relates to this!!
    Chris invited comments and ground movement is also critical to the recovery process.

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    Wow this is such a good initiative

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    RE: Your Own Recovery Program

    Hello Chris, good job:

    For a month I'm using another breath trainer, EOLOS and its working...I'm only wandering why I didn't purchase the trainer before.

    More info about the trainer in

    Thank you!


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    Chris i totally agree with you we need to wake up every morning and push ourselves to the limits!This is the only way we can achieve progress!
    thanks for those links of the machines that we may use home!
    Blue skies!!

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    Hello Able Guy, My daughter Jess is a Tetraplegic and we are in West Australia. Have you heard of ReActivate in Te Awamutu Nz? Or know of anyone who has been through their rehab progam?

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    I am interested in this vibrational training using a Jet-Vibe machine. How could I find this machine? - Fayeboo

    Quote Originally Posted by Able Guy
    Hi All,
    I am walking L1 paraplegic, I had my accident 1997 in New Zealand where I live. I was first told never to walk again, but I took my first steps 6 months after the accident. Since then until now my recovery has been steady and slow and now I am walking with crutches and only using "Swedish AFO" to keep my feet off dropping.
    3 months ago I discovered vibrational training using Jet-Vibe machines.
    My strength, balance and coordination have improved and also my bladder accidents have reduced since.
    Basically these machines train your muscles by vibrating about 40 times a second causing your muscles under tension to contract with same frequency. Brain is not so much involved as I think the feedback is between muscles and spine.
    Also the time used on the machine is more efficient and 10 minutes on the vibrating platform is told to be equal to 60 minutes gym training.
    Quite possibly this type of training would suit a lot op people with spinal injuries but try to find a outfit who are specialising on rehabilitation by trained physiotherapists as these machines are used for weight loss in beauty salons as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayeboo
    I am interested in this vibrational training using a Jet-Vibe machine. How could I find this machine? - Fayeboo
    Thank you Able Guy. I was looking for a used machine, the new ones are so expensive, do you know where I could purchase one?

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    I m planning to buy Thera-vital Movement Therapy System or may be some other where i can do exercise from wheelchair itself.

    Do anyone use similar or same? whats ur feedback on that?

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    If you can, get the upperbody trainer with it. It gives you excellent cardio, has a lot of resistance levels, and can really help you build up your endurance. To bad you don´t live near me, I would let you try it out for yourself in my practice.

    Another thing, compare prices. Motomed is another company that makes an almost identical machine. Check eBay as well. Don´t forget...make sure the machine you buy can be plugged into your electrical outlet and has the right voltage. You need electricity for it to work.
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