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Thread: Your Own Recovery Program

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    Thanks Mike..

    I searched on net to buy oxycycle or easycycle but unfortunately didnt got nething. there are no one to sell one piece in india. thats really sad for me.

    I dont know what to do..may be i will contact some doctor or rehabilation centre.

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    I have finally got set up with my home exercise room.
    The equipment I have acquired is: a Saratoga arm/leg bike, a total gym, a stepper, another weight bench that uses rubber bands for resistance, ankle weights, therabands, and an EMS machine.
    I got the Saratoga and EMS new but the rest I picked up used from classifieds.
    I also have access to Lokomat training twice a week and a pool up to 4 days a week.
    Now I just have to find someone to set me up with a good program. I am going to SCI-Step in April so I might just do trial and error until then.

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    Thanks for all the great info!

    I have a couple clients that were injured during recreational activities.

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    home exercise equiptment

    Another good piece of equiptment to suggest is called the giger the web link is they are out of switzerland but it will be shipped directly to your house and coustoms will knock off part of the charge if you get a script for medical neccesity from your doctor.

    I have a home health care business called Strength Training and Recovery Corp., I work specifically with SCI clients performing therapy in their home. We use alot of the equiptment you suggested in addition to the giger.


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    Sophia, the Giger loks good, but it´s pretty expensive...way over ten grand (€) last I that still right? If you have a website about your biz, post it please.
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    Mike C, about the giger they come in several sizes from adult, juvenus, kid and baby in a laying down position as well as a seated position. If you purchase it for yourself verses a company they are cheaper (starting at $14k-$20K) They include adductor equiptment and special knobs at the foot pedals for those people that cannot cycle themselves and adjustable resistant levels. They also come with biofeedback software for HRV, harmonics, energy output...

    I am not paralyzed however I have a buisness that caters strictly to SCI and most of my clients love it. Especially for breaking tone and relaxing the body, coordinated dynamic training and pain reduction.

    However, This device is used for more than just spinal cord patients. It can also be used for spina bifida, M.S., Fibro., Chronic back pain, Cerebral palsy, and parkinson.

    I was so impressed with how well the giger worked for my spinal cord clients that I am opening up another clinic in May 08 for physical therapy specifically with both types of giger instruments for all these other types of conditions.

    If you want to find out more about the instrument you can look them up on They have clinics in Europe (perhaps near you) you could visit and try it out before purchasing it.

    By the way thanks for the lead on the biofeedback at Maryfreebed in Grand Rapids. It is about 2 1/2 hours away from me. It would be worth the drive to be trained in the Brucker method. I am currently looking into going to Project walk to check out the Dardzinski method. I am always excited and open to new ideas that we can learn from others. That is why I joined this carecure. Who better to talk to about what works and what new things are happening than people that are experiencing it first hand.

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    Does anyone know a good website to help plan + keep track of workouts etc

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    Susan at CenterIMT Atlanta's SCI Recovery Program

    Dear Chris,
    I have found that there are at least 7 things required for recovery from SCI. Three are from the Outside-in; 1. Stage Appropriate Exercise, 2. Electrical Stimulation (NMES & TES), & 3. Sensory Receptor Stimulation. Three are from the Inside-out; 4. Biophysiography (groceries in and garbage out), 5. Laser (cord, nerves, and acupuncture points), and 6. Structural Work (anatomy, biomechanics, & physiology). The most important is the Mind Body Connection. This is something you really have going for you....You can visualize...Visualize your movements; visualize your anatomy improving. I suggest a program that incorporates all of these components....If you have questions let me know.........................Good Luck!
    Susan Leger, DS, MS, PT, NDTc, IMTc

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    I am looking for illustrated assisted exercises for legs. As C6 incomplete, I have recently some returns 6 years after my injury. For example, I can push and pull my legs slightly, use adactors and abdactors lift my, foot and ankles but all those movements are low and limited in power and to do these exercises I need someone to help me with my legs.
    Recently, I have visited Sci-Step clinic in Mason, OHio and work after stretching on those exercises.
    I have feeling - if I proceed to work everyday that I can improve. However, I have limited access to PT here in Canada (8 visits per year) so I have to organize this on daily bases at home. Everyday (5 working days / week) I have girl 2 hours in the morning to help me with stretching and dressing but I think I can arrange with her to help me with exercises. That's why I need something illustrated to show how to help me....THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!

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    That seems a little scary. I think I wouldn't try it without asking a dr. first. I'd be worried it would make anything unstable in my spine even more unstable.

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