well i go to sci steps every monday and friday for 3 hours a day ,ware i do all they have to offer and they are great to work with.and i will contiue to go there, then at home i have my own gym thanks to my brother,hoo pays for all of this at home i get a good stretch range of motion of arms and legs then i ride a fes bike for 1 hour a day every day, i use a stim belt on my abs and i have a stim system for my arms tricepts and the muscle in the front of arm i dont no what its called but it works them both, and he just got me a system for my hands, i use these for 1/2 hour a day , i use a stand gate for 1hr a day every day, then depending on the day i very my reps on a vertaglide,total gym,bowflex , i do core workouts on the mate with a workout ball (half) ball, i use a inversion board ,at first i felt light headed with this but after i got use to it i do fill better wene i get on it i use this evey other day15 minutes,i have a treadmill system i use evey other day for 45 minutes i use a spino flex harness. i would like to do the treadmill every day but my brothers helper works on those days, its a lot of work but its worth it im in great shape and filling better every day. a strict diet and i take a lot of vitamins. i wont take pain meds or spasm pills i dont wont to hinder my nervous system at all and so far im haveing good results compared to what the docs told me . thanks