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Thread: Your Own Recovery Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbryant22 View Post

    getting at it with all my heart! T10 incomplete injury date Jan 8th 2010.

    Working on it!
    awesome work pbryant!! Can you tell me the name of the braces that you use?? thank you........

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    Without searching here, is there anything anyone is doing in regards to the coordination of the mental, neurological, visual and physical? When we get injured, the physical is immediately incorrect with this coordination. I have been making tremendous progress by removing the visual as well as the physical. Close eyes, lay on bed and see if I can even think my way through trying to do something simple - di I even feel any sensation. Forget about actual movement. Need to first be feeling it. Essentially I have tried to go back to being a baby or even not yet born. This takes a lot of time. I cannot expect to move a leg if all of the components above my leg to my brain and not doing what they are required. Our bodies essentially are hard wired computers. Yes they do accept wireless data.

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    Keep moving forward

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    Made a homemade treadmill exercise. Got an engine puller, borrowed from a buddy. Bought treadmill harness online just like at my rehab place I went to. Works great. Up to 2 mph so far. I'm C3/C4 incomplete. Can walk some, but cannot feels from chest down. Buddy put motorcycle bars on the treadmill because hard for my right hand to hold onto the regular treadmill handles. Just an idea.
    Keep moving forward

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    Hello Ramey,
    it's been a number of years since this post, are you still active & can you share the PDF again.

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    Thank you so much for posting this eclipseme. What a creative set-up. The addition of the handlebars was genius.

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    I'd like to hear how the gait training has been working since 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattblan View Post
    I'd like to hear how the gait training has been working since 2010.
    To whom was your post addressed? If it was me, then the answer is great. Over the years I learned, adapted and expanded my recovery program. Slowly I regained connection but not feeling with some muscles. I "repurposed" some muscles to compensate for those that did not come back. Eventually I regained functional mobility enough to climb mountains (literally) and to ride my motorcycle around the world. Assisted gait training for me started with PNF, then FES, eventially to suspended gait apparatus. Much of my program was done in a progessive-loading sport training format to avoid the high medical industry costs that were not covered by my insurance. If there is interest I'll post examples of my detained training plans, equipment, schedules and results over a ten year period. Just never give up!

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