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Thread: gripeez glove, which one?

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    gripeez glove, which one?

    Looking for a glove to keep my hand attached to a pullupbar so I can work on different exercises. Tried a lifting hooks glove but it slipped off when I try to do too much. Active hands look good but $80 is too much for me right now. Was thinking of this one or this one Anyone know how long their shipping is? And any thoughts or other suggestions appreciated, thank you.

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    I would strongly recommend getting the Active Hands, although, yes they are quite pricey. A lot of clients at our facility prefer these over our other types of gloves.
    I found this website too for you that will hopefully help you out.
    The "grip cuff" pair are a bit less expensive than the Active Hands. On that website there are the "action grip gloves", too. These will ship out of CA, rather than the UK. I'm not sure if the gripeeze website ships out of country, but keep in mind that you might be paying alot for just the shipping alone. Happy shopping and best of luck; hope this helps!

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