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Thread: ERGYS 2 bike experience

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    ERGYS 2 bike experience

    Hi everyone. My son Jon went to Washington U., St. Louis last spring and began using the ERGYS 2 bike. We have since acquired one for our home. When he started with the bike, he could only go on his own for about 30 seconds. Now, about 7 months later, he can go independantly up to 50 minutes. Most remarkably, he can, through his own concentrated effort, make the RPM's raise. For example, this evening he made it go from 37 RPM to 44/45 RPM and maintain the increased RPM for a couple of minutes. Would such an ability to raise the RPM be a form of recovery? We were wondering what other people's experiences have been.

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    Congrats on getting a bike in your home. There's currently nothing like it for getting this kind of exercise.

    I can increase spasticity by concentrating. I can increase RPMs on the bike by 1 or 2 by concentrating. I think it proves there are active connections from the brain to the legs, though maybe small in number. If there are viable connections that are not being used due to learned non-use then I think this is a great way to maximize use of them. This is exactly the type of exercise that is prescribed for incompletes and those with MS or those who've had a stroke.

    Anyway, the bike is great for so many categories of health. If we get any return of voluntary function then that is certainly the icing on the cake.

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