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Thread: My Experience At Project Walk

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    People might not be responding because of the start date of the thread. Maybe start a new thread. I am going out to Portland (PW) in June to work on the home program. I am T8 "complete" 6 months post injury. I have a lot of spasms, burning, tingling, "numbness", etc. but no voluntary movement below the belly button. My PT did find some hip flexors, back muscles engaging when I tried to move them. I am stronger on my left than my right.

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    There are a lot of threads on this, you obviously searched for a PW thread since you brought this one back, so check out some more.

    You can contact me if you'd like, I've been there 4x but I'm an incomplete quad. I think I can get you an email address of a complete para. I have to check.
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    Snowman can you help us out?

    Snowman, can you put me in touch with someone that had a mid-thorasic level injury, initially classified ASIA A three months after injury that you had walking within a couple years? PM me if you can. Thanks.

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    project walk -> worth it 5 months post???

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    by now you know that no injury is the same and no two people respond exactly alike. why not try these programs out and see what return you get rather than let other peoples experiences put a cap on your abilities...
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    will go no matter what
    wondering if they actually helped completes, not just better trunk control,
    i wonder if they ever just once gave a complete some voluntary function

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    That hasn't happened in my case BUT I was only there one week and did the home program. I have seen my records and saw that I had at least trace amounts of movements in every joint below level of injury ie. hips, knees and ankles. Still a great program to keep your body in shape. Just because it does not move on its own does not mean it shouldn't have exercise. Just my IMHO.

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    In some instances, completes have been reevaluated as incompletes and have gotten more return than just better trunk control. I agree, you can't put a cap on what might happen for you judging by someone else's experience. But the decision to try an 'alternative' approach to recovery (no matter what it is) is a personal one.
    Whatever your decision, I hope the best for you.

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    thanks piper so its happen
    complets reevaluated as incompletes

    wonderful it has happened, it will happen again

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    good news and glad you found that out.

    i know you're looking for more than just trunk control, but any functional movement at or below the hips all start there, you know what i'm saying?

    improved trunk control is a necessity to walk again.
    working every day to get out of my chair.

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