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Thread: Has anyone here visited project walk?

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    Has anyone here visited project walk?

    What's it like? Is the week long visit worth it? I feel a real need to try and get something moving... and am considering trying this... it will cost me a lot, because I use Canadian dollars. I have no idea how I would finance the whole program...
    Anyhow, any thoughts on this option, or any other ways to get moving would be appreciated.
    I want to be able to say I tried as hard as I could.

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    Hi Emi.

    I know how you feel. I think we all do.

    My personal thoughts are that unless you're significantly incomplete there would be better ways to spend that kind of money. A supported ambulation device would have many of the same benefits but could be performed at home. It would benefit your bones and muscles and could potentially unmask any learned non-use that could be partly holding you back. After that I'd say an FES bike. It's great for your legs, your joints and many other things in addition to giving you a great cardiovascular workout. A few weeks or months at PW and you might have little to show for it if you're not fairly incomplete. But these devices you could coontinue to use ongoing in preparation for a cure therapy. Then, after a cure treatment, would be an ideal time to go to PW.

    I'm at least just really glad we have these forums to discuss the options. Without them we'd have a hard time knowing anything.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Hello Emi:

    I just made the acquaintance of someone going to Project Walk. But he just started their program so I can't tell you his results. You might want to visit their website and see what you think. I recently emailed their staff and received the following reply:

    "Project Walk treats your weakness. We attack your paralyzed body harder than any other center in the world. We fight spasms and tone until they become muscle contractions. We believe that the tone, spasms, burning, pain, etc are the body trying to send signals down to the injured part of the body. With nothing coming back to connect the signals, our method creates the return path. We teach our clients to connect the dots. It sounds simple, but it takes thousand of repetitions and the right stimulus. Each month we get better at what we do. We now have about thirty clients in the center."

    If you look at their client testimonials they seem pretty pleased. Most of them had reached a plateau with normal rehab, so maybe they're on to something? I don't know, but I like their effort in trying!

    Other than that, I read of an bicycle therapy used by John McDonald of U of W in St. Louis that uses e-stimulation. Supposedly it's had good results, but it's pricey too. Also, suspension treadmills might be a good idea, but they're all so damned expensive!!!

    James Kelly

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    Emi, have you tried biofeedback? It might be something to try first (insurance might pay) and you may be able to find it locally. Although, the results that project walk are showing are impressive.

    I would be headed to California as well, if I thought they could give me my hands back? I wish there were a locomotive center to retrain for hands?

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    Hi Emi we will be leaving for PW in about 3 weeks. Ryan and I visted back in April. Ryan knows that he will be walking when we leave there. My son is very incomplete I guess because as I'm writing this he is laying on the sofa with one leg up on the sofa and the other on the floor and raising it to the top of the sofa. Hes a t9 9\15\01. PW is just a amazing place to be at. Everthing that Ted told us when we were there Ryan is doing and were only there for 4 days. If you can I would go to aleast check for yourself what is going on there. Don't take my word or anybody else you have see for yourself. If you go you will be back.

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    Hi. I'm going to PW in Sept. for about 10 days to check it out. I also plan on reporting back to you guys what's going on.

    If all goes well, meaning I believe in the program, my wife and I are considering a temporary relocation. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    Although I don't believe that PW is offering exceptional uniqueness in terms of the type of exercises the patients are doing I do believe in their intensity and attitude towards repitition.

    As far as money is concerned there are some insurance carriers that will pay for this treatment. I think what you have to do is prepare a proposal for your carrier in terms of cost/benefit, risk/reward potential. Don't assume every carrier will say "no". Ask and be prepared to back up your reasoning.

    Either way I look at it as an opportunity to attempt recovery without the invasiveness of a surgical procedure. I figure that in order to walk again, I must practice walking. Sitting in this chair is not the answer. I'm going to give it a shot.

    I think it's worth checking it out.

    Carl, I hear ya about the hands.
    Onward and Upward!

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    hey emi, yeah for sure i have been looking into this program since i first heard about. my problem is just leaving everything i have been turning that around in my it worth the chance of improvement to put everything on hold again.
    too bad we couldnt get something like this kicking on our side of the border.
    i always wanted to go to cali, want a roomate?

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    treadmill in edmonton


    Dr. Dan McGowan talks about a program in Edmonton that has treadmill work for SCI that uses a harness to hold you up. The Foothills in Calgary also has a harness for walking it is on a track so you actually go the length of the gym and back. The clinic in Edmonton is on a treadmill.

    Have you already tried this? I guess it takes 3 people, 2 to move your legs and one to monitor the situation. Let me know if you want me to get ahold of Dan for more info. I think this would be a good start to see if you inprove any.


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    I would be interested about any info you could get from Dan. How much does it cost and how long would he take someone for? etc....

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    Get In The Water Woman

    Since you will have to pay for everything, I think the best thing to do is to maximize everything you can at home. I have been hitting the pool and working out there two or three hours a day. I will buy a bicycle simular to the ones they use at PW--the large part of their training involves these bikes. From speaking with them the seem to concentrait on locking your knees. I think these bikes play a part in that. I have found these bikes at Schwinn but they are 900. I also found one that looks exactly the same at: for less than half the price. I was planning on going this summer but I dont feel that I have reached the point that I can benifit yet. I do not want to spend 2000 a month doing workouts that I can do at home. Once I believe I have reached platue, then I will get it to PW to extend my work outs untill I am walking

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