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Thread: plans for a standing frame

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    plans for a standing frame

    Where can I find plans for constructing a standing frame for an aduld? C5 quadriplegic, has been in bed for 8 months with pressure sore. Must begin load bearing exercise to increase bone and muscle mass. 5"10", 150 pounds. thanks.

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    MH, Check out

    good luck.

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    I will move this post to a different forum. The Feedback forum is for feedback on the functioning of the Care/Cure site.

    Where is the pressure ulcer? If it is in the ischium, you must be very careful using any standing frame design that uses an ischial strap or pad, as this can give significant pressure in the area.

    If the person has been on bedrest for 8 months healing a sore, it make take some time to be able to stand upright due to low blood pressure. It would be best to use a tilt table first to be sure that he does not pass out in the standing frame (where it is more difficult to quickly lower his head).

    There is no published well designed evidence that standing will either improve or prevent osteoporosis. Standing will also not increase muscle bulk. Active (not passive) exercise is needed for both, and this is really only possible with electrical stimulation type exercise.

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