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Thread: Rehab Exercise

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    Rehab Exercise

    One of the frustrations I have is that the rehab facility I used as is the case with most facilities is merely interested in getting people back home or back to work after a SCI. Once that is accomplished there is very little interest in continuing a program that will continue to strengthen muscle that are still week or improve coordination. My question is, are there any good books or manuals out there that can help a patient identify specific exercises that will help with specific muscle weaknesses? I am a SCI person two years post injury and I believe that I could still regain more function if I had such information.I have looked around and have not found anything. A video tape would also be useful.


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    Try Look at the "Versatrainer" model. It is for folks in wheelchairs. They will send you a free video. I'm not sure they can identify and isolate particular muscle groups for you to bulk up. The downside is that you need a lot of space to use the machine, it's not cheap and you have to tie down your wheelchair to the platform every time you switch to another exercise. Check it out though.

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