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Thread: Improved efficiency with a wheelchair propelled by the legs using voluntary activity or electric stimulation.

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    Got in touch with Steve Petrofsky today

    And he seemed to express some interest in my idea, but said they were real busy right now with a new Muscle Stimulator project till at least next spring. He also said that we would have to do it through a University due to FDA regs and all. How about it Dr. Young? This idea is different Sue than doing a cross country trip on handcycles as this would be strickly Paras and Quads using their legs to pedal with a mobile FES unit. I think it would be best done with a team of Paras and Quads and each person would ride ten miles at a time and the riding would take place around the clock therefore averaging 10 miles per hour24 hours per day would allow us to cover 240 miles per day.

    The trip would not take too much time to do the whole Country. I am going to contact the Chris Reeve Project about this idea. Maybe Chris Reeve could be one of the riders, he rides an FES bike and if some sort of steering mechanism could be rigged up for him it would be possible. I would just think it would raise a real lot of public awareness in that yes if Nerve Regeneration were possible we would walk again, even after years of injury.

    I would think this whole thing would be a great diversion for this country in showing that anything is possible if one is motivated and has a dream.

    Talked to Heather also and The New Electrologic web site is going to hopefully come out tomorrow. I guess my picture is going to be posted on the testimonial page along with Mike Utley and Sam Shmidt (sp) and a couple of other guys. Should be interesting.

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    Curtis, I totally agree

    Paralyzed people pedaling with their legs is indeed totally different. I think it allows another ride to be conducted that will get more attention. And getting CR involved could also be critical. He has an incredible amount of draw and his star power just doesn't fade.

    Love seeing you investigate it. Hope the pieces just fall into place.

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    Good luck to you curtis, sounds like a hell of a plan. If spun right, you could make a lot of money for sci research.

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    I like the idea, Curtis! I think doing it by 10 mile stretches is much easier also for getting people to join in too. An entire country runs up costs considerably with places to stay, meals and health problems go up too. But a lot of people would be able to work out before hand and be able to pedal 10 miles with FES. Map it right for hitting the right cities/towns and the money and awareness that could be raised are enormous. Please post the URL of the bike you're talking about as soon as it's up.

    KLD, that's a neat chair. Can it be propelled soley by the rowing arms if the legs get tired?

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