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Thread: I am going to be the Electrologic Poster boy

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    I am going to be the Electrologic Poster boy

    On their Website pictured riding my Stimmaster Orion FES Bike. I have had the Bike now for half a year and have had no problems with it and look forward to my ride once every two days Between that and riding 30 miles every other day on my Handcycle, I am feeling great

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    Does this mean they're replacing the picture of CR with one of you? Are you getting any royalties? Or did you pay them to use your picture? LOL Seriously, congratulations. You're a great example of what someone can do for their health even twenty years post.

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    Thanks Jeff

    Still Not actually sure if they are going to put my picture on the front or within the site as a testimonial, I guess Heather will make the decision as to who goes where in their new site, she is currently re-designing it. If you're interested contact her and send her you're pic and testimonial and maybe you'll beat me out for the front page lol. I believe she wants to put a bunch of people who use the bikes on the site.

    I was a little depressed looking at the picture today as my lower legs are not as big as I would like and atrophy is visable, I wish there were more I could be doing for my Calf muscles to build them up along with my upper legs. My legs look a little unbalanced now. I am to the point of going on level 3 for 30 minutes so building up the endurance pretty good. Like you said, time being paralyzed is not as much of a factor as I thought it would be, I will never give up hope as negitive as I may seem at times.

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    What an announcement! A STAR IS BORN!!! I do have to say that you sounded like woman there for a minute..."my legs aren't what I wish they were" LOL! Just giving ya the business!! Keep us up to the minute on this, we want to check the pix. out!!! CONGRATS!!!!

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    Could you provide url?


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    That is really great to hear, Curtis. Hope you will be chosen and please put the url so we can view you and the bike.

    Keep up the great spirit and keep on living life to the fullest. Still interested in riding those bikes myself. Maybe even a Harley Davidson motorcycle too, love those Harleys. Well, I can dream, can't I?


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    Thanks everyone

    Not sure when Heather is going to have the website done, I guess she is taking Chris Reeve off the site as he is now using a different brand Fes bike, not sure if he still even has the Stimmaster. They also are going to talk about the new Orion model which is the one I bought last Spring. Anyhow, should be interesting to see how the new website turns out, I guess Heather has been working hard to complete it. Check out the link about how they are now using Fes for race horses, it is interesting. Here is the site Curtis

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    This isnt the same Curtis that asked why his picture wasnt up at Cando is it,because if you all will remember they put his face up and a little while after that the whole damn site was gone.


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    that was Curt, I'm Curtis.

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    Well then a great big fat ATTABOY to ya!

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