I have had two of these Medtronics Pumps installed in my abdomen since 1996, and have recently decided to have it removed. The main medication mix is Dilaudid, Clonidine, and Bupificane. I have been developing progressive paralysis in my lower extremities, with an episode of complete numbness of my right leg for a period of 6 weeks (starting Feb. 2005 and ending in April). Since then, the rest of my lower extremities, including everything, has been developing progressive numbness.

I am convinced that there is a spinal cord granuloma that is causing this, and am having the pump removed. This process, however, takes time, since the physicians feel that the dosage must be gradually (very gradually) reduced.

Lastly, I am also convinced from my experience that gradual habituation develops to the medications in the pump and that they simply quit working after awhile. I believe that the maximum time frame that a pump can be useful is about 10 years.