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Thread: twist hand controls??????

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    twist hand controls??????

    Im looking for twist hand controls, like a motorcycle throttle. I want to pull the gas pedal out of my jeep, for safty reasons, and the only thing i can think of that would work, would be a motorcycle type throttle.

    Thanks, Jesse

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    Here is a site.
    They have a design there that you twist the grip to accelerate and push forward to apply the brake.
    They have a new design that is mounted in the middle counsel. You just push back and forth. I guess you can lock the brakes also so you can free up both hands when stopped. Not sure of the company making those though.
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    Here's a set of twist type:

    The Menox might also work for you:

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    I have controls like this in my Z-71 mounted on the right hand side, works great.

    Twist grip is the only way to go.
    Twist grip hand controls

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