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Thread: Cervical Fusion C5,C6,C7

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    Cervical Fusion C5,C6,C7

    > Dear Sir, I had a two level cervical fusion seven weeks ago because of
    > a bone spur that caused cord compression and was actually touching my
    > spinal cord. My symtoms were an electrical type sensation running down
    > my left arm, numbness from my waistline down both legs and the bottom
    > of my feet. I had no neck pain, but if I tilted my head all the way
    > back it felt like electricity running down my back and both legs to my
    > feet. Now after the surgery the left arm is ok and my arms and legs
    > feel stronger, but I still have the numbness from my waist down both
    > legs and feet and in my little finger and the one next to it on both
    > hands. My legs and feet feel like there is something crawling around
    > on the inside of them, but know pain. I have been searching the
    > internet trying to find out if these sensations will subside over
    > time. I just read your article and it was the best I've read so far.
    > What do you think my chances are that these will subside? And also
    > what do you think the feeling of something crawling in my legs and
    > feet could be? I would appreciate any information you could give
    > me. Sincerely, Gary Wooden, Louisville, Ky.

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    Gary , i have copied this thread to ''care forum '' in SCI Community Forum '' , i think you will get a better response there . i will now lock this thread here .
    thank you ,

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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