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Thread: R.D. Hord celebrates his 105th birthday

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    R.D. Hord celebrates his 105th birthday

    It doesn't say what year he was injured, but if we live that long the cure will be there.

    R.D. Hord celebrates his 105th birthday
    Joy Scott
    Star Staff Writer

    SHELBY - At 105 years old R. D. Hord remembers the warning his mother gave him when he decided to venture into the world on his own. He was 18 at the time.

    "My mother threw her arms around me and said, 'Son, you're tearing my heart out leaving home at this age.

    "'People are going to try to make you drink liquor, try to make you smoke and chew tobacco,'" Hord remembered.

    The warning came true throughout his lifetime. But Hord resisted temptation and says it's his fountain of youth.

    "I've been called sissy so many times," because he wouldn't give in.

    "Made me mad as hell, but I'm glad I was called a sissy. I've never drank any type of alcoholic beverage, never had tobacco in any type of form."

    Hord had the last laugh Saturday when he celebrated his birthday surrounded by family and friends who reunited at the Cherryville Community Center. He spent the day reminiscing and receiving congratulations.

    Hord still has his wits about him. It may be the way he vividly remembers his days on the railroad that keeps him fresh. Or perhaps it's the way he lovingly talks about his late wife, Dona Spake, that keeps him holding on.

    The Waco native remembers seeing a whale wash ashore in Wrightsville Beach, a county without electricity, paved roads or automobiles.

    "Eighty years ago the first paved road was put around the court square," he said.

    He's been amazed by the increase of the cost of living.

    "Take 1937 for instance. The most I paid for room rent for any place at all between California and back was two dollars and a half and the cheapest was a dollar and a quarter. Nice places too.

    "Now it's a hundred dollars or more. Outrageous!"

    Hord spent much of his life working. At 13 he worked in a cotton gin and ground corn. At age 18 he left home and landed a job as a dining car conductor with a railroad.

    He met his wife to be in 1916. They married four years later and raised three children together. For 73 years they shared marital bliss.

    "She was the sweetest little gal," he said. "She was a doll."

    Today, he has 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and a handful of great-great-grandchildren.

    Hord quit the railroad business because of his wife's concern for the dangers of working on a railroad and he began auto repair work in 1919.

    He stopped working almost 10 years ago.

    Living more than a century, Hord says his health is "excellent with the exception that many parts of my body are paralyzed due to a bad truck wreck."

    The wreck years ago left him with a spinal injury.

    He admits he's had close calls that could have ended his life, including falling asleep while driving. He was able to drive until he was 99.

    With it all, he's thankful. Considering his 105th birthday, Hord said, "it's unbelievable as old as I am. Good Lord willing, I'll still be here."

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    I would not like to celebrate my birthday(105)

    Just to find that cure is commmming..........

    Anyway thanks for your post & dedication....


    P.S. I'm still in my chair after 8 years (seems like enternity) but I'm holding my breath before newest developments in sci recearch.......

    God Bless Wise!!!

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