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Thread: questions about medications and the use of MiraLax

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    questions about medications and the use of MiraLax

    I am a C-5 complete and have central pain every day though it does vary in intensity. The pain is mainly in my butt area traveling down the legs and into my feet. I guess you could say the butt pain is more like a sharp aching pain whereas my feet and lower legs throb. Sometimes I can just deal with it and have a rather productive day while other times it's unbearable and all I do is either tilt back or recline in my chair and try to focus on something else other than the pain. At times like this sitting down in front of a computer or driving around in my chair just aren't options. I'd like to crawl in a cave and die.

    For years I've taken gabapentin until I maxed out on the dosage and switch to pregabalin (Lyrica) a couple years ago. Before Lyrica I was also taking 15mg of slow-release morphine, but only when the pain was extremely bad and a lot of times it didn't help all that much. So I started taking Lyrica 75 mg/3 times a day and it helped quite a bit. So much so that I switched from the morphine to Percocet 5/325 for pain. I did this thinking with the Percocet I could better limit my pain medication intake to limit the firmer stool and constipation. So I'm not a person who takes opiates on a regular schedule, only as needed.

    Now something has changed because I'm finding myself in a lot more pain than before and I don't know why. Sometimes I think it has something to do with how I sleep or the way I'm positioned in bed. It's affecting my sleep, I'm taking Percocet more frequently, and I'm taking Miralax to counter any stool issues. (I say more frequently, but I don't exceed more than 4 a day.)

    Now my questions… Instead of Percocet or morphine is there anything else I can try that's not as constipating? I have a doctors appointment coming up in January and I'm going to ask about that. It didn't seem like the morphine was as bad as the Percocet so I'm wondering if a slow-release medication would be better? The morphine didn't seem to make my mouth as dry either. I hate asking my doctor for pain medications, but being in pain is much worse.… Also does anyone know of any long-term effects of MiraLax? I know it's not advised to take laxatives on a regular basis, but isn't MiraLax different than most in the way it works? I've heard of people taking half doses of it daily as a preventive measure.


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    Methadone doesn't seem to jam me up like other opiates do.

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    We've been told that Miralax can be taken on a very long term basis with no bad effects. So far it's been nearly 5 years, double or triple dose.

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    I've took Mirilax for over 8 yrs now and NO problems! not on anything but gabapetin now and sometimes I go a couple days without the mirilax and I still have No problems going.

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    Thanks guys. I'm going to continue with the Miralax to counter pain meds and talk to my doctor next month about a different medication for pain.

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    For times when I'm taking stronger opiates, I find just taking fiber pills to be enough. Good luck.

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