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Thread: In Hell?

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    In Hell?

    Whenever my burning pain gets very intense I sometimes think that I died in my accident and now Im burning in hell and I just dont know it. Does anyone else feel this way? Because this really sucks.

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    Yea i know how you feel, kinda. I dont really feel as i am in hell but instead i wish i would have died in my accident. The pain really takes the fun out of life. Quadpro, sorry to hear that you feel that way and i hope you find relief from your pain. Best wishes, Jon

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    Quad, you aren't alone. I have a number of articles on that talk about living with the daily torment of chronic pain, but I also like this webpage from It was written by a guy in South Africa who suffers from central pain and he does an excellent job of describing daily life with excruciating pain.

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    Yep, it's hell, and I often wish I'd have let myself drown instead of staying calm. You're not alone in your feelings.


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    If you go to hell (just kidding) you won't have to sign an eternal contract for your punishment. You will have brought it along with you. Actually, I guess everyone does. The problem with CP is that it is so bad, we stop fearing hell. That is a problem. I was bad enough when I did fear hell.

    I don't think anyone with CP is really going to hell. They have suffered enough. Not the pain, having to listen to everyone tell them it is in their imagination.

    I am sorry QuadPro that you have CP and sorry for all those who suffer here at this site. I am also very sorry for those with CP in third world countries who don't even know what they have. Their friends probably tell them they have evil spirits and deserve what they get. Oh wait, that is what they tell us here, so they must tell them something else in primitive, ignorant places. Maybe they tell them their ion channels are out of whack.

    I don't know anything comforting except to say I believe you just as you speak and I wish that we were already there when medicine finds a way to kill CP.

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    yes, it does feel like hell..
    And I often just want to dissapear.
    But the burning pain, and the fear of the neverending torture, remains, and lets me know, that this is real.
    If this is life, I cannot imagine how bad hell must be..

    ~She was once a dreamer~

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    Lightbulb Hell

    I often thought I was in hell and did not know it. And then thought would I? I did think I died and this was a dream or whatever. I have heard people say that this is Hell we are living now and Heaven comes later. I hope something better comes along for sure. I don't fear death I look forward to it. Is that bad? oh well i dunno really care.

    It is hard to understand why I would live thru 2 accidents that should have killed me. And others get killed on freek things. Did I deserve to live more than someone else? I don't think so but I have let all that go.

    What is the meaning of life as we know it?

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