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Thread: Severe pain in the feet...

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    Severe pain in the feet...

    i also have pain in other areas....but my feet seem to be so bad after i get in bed, its almost unbearable to take my socks off....

    it almost feels like my toes are going to shoot right off my feet...then other times it feels like i'm being interrogated and getting chutes of bamboo shoved underneath the know like the torture method? LOL

    just wanted to know if anyone else had this? and what helps...

    don't ever become content with SCI...

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    yes , i know the torture..for awhile i started using pastels to try and draw the dragon that came out breathing fire at night,(while waiting for the added meds to kick in) fortunately its calmed down for a while, but i will never forget the electrocutions and tearing of flesh feelings

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    I know it but I don't know what helps.

    "...I mean the wheelchair would be a thing in the past
    And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx

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    the last couple of days the big toe pain has resurfaced, my Spinal cord stim does not touch it.
    it feels like a hacksaw is being slowly dragged across the big toe joint, perpendicular to the toe, slowly , it feels like a nerve in the center of the toe and the hacksaw blade is slowly going back and forth.. earlier it feel like a fine wood screw is being screwed into the center of my big and coming out the tip, with about 30 vdc battery added to it.
    i really got to kep my daily activity log to figure out what is causing this.. this big toe thing comes and goes..

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    1,367 feet burn like they're being boiled in oil all day and night. The only thing that helps is neurontin and oxycontin in a sufficient dose.


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    Has anyone ever heard of using infrared treatments for pain? There was an article in the press this week on the use of infrared treatments for those with neuropathy. I wondered if it had ever been tried on those with pain due to spinal cord injury.

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    I got the pain but maybe a little different, The burning is there but Not as bad as when I walk. Then it feel's like I am walking on broken glass is the best way I know to describe it. Nothing I have tried helps.

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    My feet burn, tingle, hurt 24/7. If there ain't gonna' be no cure in my lifetime, I would seriously consider having them cut off.

    No shit.

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    when my foot was really bad with RSD i spoke to 3 doctors about amputating it, the pain management and physiatrist said that would be the worse thing i could do, said pain that is in a limb before amputation usually stays.
    it was driving me insane..
    i gonna catch this little gnome that sneaks into my bed with that hacksaw at night and kick his ass

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    Originally posted by Schmeky:

    My feet burn, tingle, hurt 24/7. If there ain't gonna' be no cure in my lifetime, I would seriously consider having them cut off.

    No shit.
    Won't make a difference. Most likely, the sensations aren't actually coming from your feet, but from the damaged end of your cord sending f'ed up messages to your brain (as mine does for my whole body.)


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