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Thread: Spinal cord stimulation

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    Spinal cord stimulation

    My son, C5, two years post injury, has had continually increasing pain. He has completed a trial, succesfull, for the uper part of his body. Currentely in the second trial, lower part, no help as yet. The lower part is where the majority of the pain is felt. It is an ANS system. Has anyone had success with this type of treatment???

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    i have a ANS stim, however i have a cauda equina injury, my pain is mainly in my left foot, most in the toes,it works well for me.
    the ANS has 8 electrodes and can take two leads.
    i may need a second lead implanted since the current lead does not stim the spinal nerve roots. l5 or S1.
    your son doesnt feel the stim in the painful areas?

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    Where are either of you participating in these trials or do you have someone whom you would recommend? We are trying to find some resources for a person who has contacted the NSCIA Resource Center. CRF

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    trials are a tempory device placed by a pain management doctor, not a trial as in clinical trials..

    heres info
    ans site

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