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    Could you post any problems with dizziness and what you take to treat if anything?
    I I have problems when I first get and I have to tilt back until it goes away. I take no medication.
    Please e-mail me in case I do not see your post. Thank you. Dana probably post picture incorrectly.

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    ive been injured 5 years and i still get pretty dizzy. i take a med called proamitine twice a day. 20mg when i get up and 10mg around noon or so if i get dizzy. this really really helps! along w/ drinkingt fluids of course. i used to have people lift up my legs frequently or tilt its much bettr but still a problem on some days....its a quad thing ya know

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    I'm c5/c6 quad complete 7 years post, I still get dizzy (light headed) at times, just lean back till it pases.


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